Media tape storage

Store vital business information in confidence

From customer details to contracts, HR information to financial records, the information you hold is vital to the operation of your business. So you need to make sure it’s safe and secure.

Any number of incidents could damage or even wipe out your data. A cyber-attack, a natural disaster, or even a simple power failure could leave you suddenly without the data you need to keep your business on its feet. Off-site tape storage and data management can ensure that such disasters are a hiccup rather than a disaster

How we solve your problems

Protect your data

Purpose-built tape vaults that utilise technology to create a suitable environment and one that’s secure

Daily tape change service

Our operators van visit your site and removing the latest backups from drives and replacing them with fresh tapes, so you don’t have to

Flexible solutions

Our teams are constantly bending their brains to tackle the challenges you face – helping to make things better

A tape and media storage service designed for you

Everyone’s data management needs are different. Whether you need a comprehensive air-gapped backup plan, a legacy archive, or simply storage for media reels or microfiche, our dedicated account managers will listen carefully to your needs and create a plan to meet your unique challenges. Once we’ve designed your storage plan, we’ll arrange to move your media to our secure facilities. Our team is trained to our exacting standards, so they know precisely how to handle your media tapes. They’ll collect and transport them in our own GPS-tracked vehicles, so you can rest easy knowing your valuable data is always in our professional care.

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Safe and secure facilities

We’ve developed specially-designed computer tape vaults that are as effective at protecting your data from unauthorised access as they are at preserving your invaluable data.

Each vault is protected by 24-hour security, CCTV cameras, and advanced access control including 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), lock and keypad entry systems. No-one can access your media without your authorisation, and your off-site storage plan will be compliant with privacy regulations such as GDPR.

And each of our facilities is outfitted with state-of-the-art preservation systems that carefully control the temperature, the humidity, and protect against fire and flood. So you can be sure your data is safe and secure in our care.And with secure facilities situated in over 50 locations across the UK, you’ll never be more than two hours from your data.

Managing your tapes

Our customers have been using our media and tape storage service for over 30 years, keeping their essential data safe in our secure facilities in over 50+ locations across the UK.

Currently, we’re storing over 2.7 million back-up tapes, as well as magnetic tapes, media reels, and even microfiche film. So it’s little wonder our customers trust us to store and manage their invaluable data.

And we know that, when you need your data, you need it fast. So you can arrange same-day or next-day collections and deliveries, 7 days a week.

We’ll also make sure that your data backups keep going; our highly trained technicians can change tapes for you, so you don’t need to send someone from your technical team. Instead, your team can focus on the jobs that need their attention, while we keep your off-site backups progressing.

"We have never looked back since we moved over to Restore Records Management's tape storage. They excel in keeping our data safe and secure, their systems are fully transparent and accountable, which, in a GDPR world of heightened awareness of data protection, is fundamental"

Jason Briscoe, IT Operations Director at SCC

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If you’re looking for a flexible partner that will listen to your specific needs and design the bespoke data management plan that’s right for your business, get in touch. As the largest UK-owned records management company, we’ll use our 30+ years experience to offer a level of service unmatched by our rivals.

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