Insolvency and restructuring storage

Swift collection, secure storage for corporate recovery

Got a lot of assets from an insolvency you need to get into secure storage fast?

We’ve got a fast-moving team and a UK-wide network of storage facilities. Handy, eh? We work with accountancy firms and specialist practitioners across the UK to ensure corporate recovery and insolvency proceedings go off without a hitch.

Taking care of it all

Insolvencies and restructurings come with tight timescales and plenty on your plate. You’ve a lot on your plate, so you need a storage provider to just take care of things.

We’ve built an entire team of taking-care-of-things experts.

Your account manager will listen to your needs and put together a plan to handle everything. They’ll have the benefit of their local knowledge backed with the resources of the largest UK-owned records management company.

While your account manager will be your dedicated point of contact, you’ll find our entire team makes the difference. Everyone you speak to works in the same Relentlessly Resourceful way: taking ownership of your challenges and delivering prompt solutions.


Speaking of prompt…”When time really is money, we’ll free it up. Because it takes you time to handle statutory retention periods, time to search for critical documents and time to ensure full compliance and security. And we’ll free up your valuable office space too.

Because you may also have spent time worrying about not having enough room. And that’s just for starters, we can do more if you want us to.

Quick sticks

Our teams will turn up when they say they will, they’ll clear out everything you asked us to collect, and they won’t leave grubby marks on the carpet.

Shakira Collections

Get your assets collected wherever, whenever thanks to our flexible team working out of a network of ultra-secure facilities in over 50 locations across the UK.

Keep your assets safer than houses

Because our houses are protected by concrete, ex-RAF bunkers, CCTV, RFID, and LOL to anyone trying to get unauthorised access to your records. Not to mention the temperature and humidity controls keeping the environment like baby bear’s record storage facility: just right.

Dunking on regulations

Pour yourself a cuppa and put your mind at ease by counting the number of accreditations we achieved to prove just how far we go to exceed the most rigorous regulatory requirements. Actually, there’s quite a few. Better get a biscuit to go with that cuppa.

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Barcode Tracking

Our barcode tracking systems mean you don’t need to worry about sorting through everything before we collect it. Let the dust settle, then recall any records you need.

Any asset

Paper records? Digital files? Data tapes? Priceless 19th Century manuscripts? We handle it all. We’ve a specialist for everything. Yep, even that manuscript

Secure Destruction

You still want to preserve data security when you’ve got stacks of unwanted papers, data tapes, digital media, USB sticks, hard drives… Well, you name it, we’ll destroy it so thoroughly you get a certificate of destruction for your audit trail (and, more importantly, for your peace of mind).

Sort it and forget it

We offer fixed-term document storage and upfront invoicing for those who like to wrap things up and get on with the rest of the restructuring process.

Safe collection, storage and ongoing management of records for the insolvency sector

BrightHouse was the UK’s largest rent-to-own company, providing customers with home electronics, appliances, furniture and more. But in March 2020, the combined impact of new caps on interest and fees with the COVID-19 pandemic meant the business was forced to permanently close all of its 240 stores. The sudden closure meant the administrators needed someone to quickly collect inventory from across BrightHouse’s hundreds of sites, all while navigating the uncertainty of the UK’s first lockdown. We immediately appointed a dedicated and experienced team to handle everything, established a clear plan with the administrators, and collected, catalogued, and archived over 41,000 boxes from all over the UK in a matter of mere weeks.

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