Government record storage and management

Document storage for central government

With multiple types of government records, managing them really is quite the challenge. Maintaining them correctly, managing different retention periods, and getting your internal, statutory, and regulatory reporting responsibilities right in such a highly regulated environment. Ageing infrastructures and inefficient processes when you’re under pressure to do more for less, probably don’t help either. In a nutshell, that’s a lot to manage.

You deserve Relentlessly Resourceful

With our Relentlessly Resourceful government records storage and management service you can say goodbye to all that.

And hello to expert support and services that help you do more with less and navigate your regulatory challenges. In short, we do everything to make your life better.

Protecting your information

You don’t need us to tell you that your records are a vital source of information – the basis on which decisions are made, which services are provided, and which policies are developed. But what’s more reassuring than knowing that when you store them in our secure, off-site government approved facilities – we’ll ensure the utmost safety of your records with the highest security measures.

That said, when you compare our facilities to your current storage location, we’ll probably be delivering a few breaths of fresh air too.

· Compliance, including GDPR and legal exposure
· Privacy and security
· Access to information
· Cost control
· Restricted access
· Abundance of space
· Access to records whenever you need them

A proactive approach to compliance

We draw upon our breadth of government record management expertise to deliver a proactive approach to compliance that helps you adhere to your obligations and avoid pitfalls.

For instance, via our online portal, you can keep on top of retention dates. And when you have a file that’s reached the end of its life and you need it destroyed?

We do it securely with a secure chain of custody throughout and a certificate of destruction for your records.

Access your inventory 24/7

We also know that the way records are managed can add value in terms of improving outcomes and helping you drive efficiencies – which is vital to your effective operation.

That’s why you’ll benefit from easy access via our online portal whenever needed. It also makes it easy to manage your inventory – with full, audit trails and proof of an unbroken chain of custody for complete peace of mind.

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Quick access to what you need

When you’re experiencing an uplift in subject access requests and don’t have the staffing or resource to meet the required timeframe, our scan on demand service can help. You can request a digital copy of any physical document you store with us, delivered within 24 hours. You can then configure access control, to ensure only those authorised can view.

Compliance and complete visibility

Consolidating your records in one place instead of disparate systems – can support your compliance management frameworks, and give you complete visibility over your entire inventory, whilst also reducing workload. Via our online portal, we can also deliver actionable insight for informed decision-making.

Giving your inventory a new lease of life

Inventory management is a tough balancing act. You have to know which documents you need to keep in storage, which to destroy, and which ones are used regularly so you can start to digitise. Because otherwise, you’ll be making your bills larger. But with our audit services, we’ll tell you what you need to know to make your bills smaller.

Read our guide about getting your inventory in order


Permanent document preservation

Some documents should stay with you forever. We support over 50 government departments to comply with the obligation to cleanse records and pass them to The National Archive, helping them to preserve and provide access to government records for generations to come.


“Restore has taken forward a successful file cleansing project whereby their specialist staff have successfully cleansed and prepared files for transfer to The National Archives in Kew according to the TNA required standards. The solution offered has meant that our organisation has been able to utilise our internal resource for other records management demands and activities. One of the main benefits that our organisation has seen as a result of the project is that Restore are supporting departments in achieving their records management obligations and responsibilities”

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