Storage for Local Authorities

Records management designed for local councils

You store thousands of records, from planning records to children’s and adult’s files, from legal files to archives that preserve your local area’s history and heritage.

But stacks of boxes are hindering your ability to serve your community. Whether they’re taking up space you need to provide services, or just making it harder to downsize your office, you need a better way to store all that paper. And you deserve more than mere storage. You deserve a service that makes it easier to find your records. That helps you identify which you no longer need to store. That supports you with smart, defined digitisation projects. All wrapped up in a Relentlessly Resourceful service that solves your problems. You deserve Restore Records Management.

“Restore Records Management took the time to understand our requirements and what was important to us. A solution tailored to our needs was provided and our archive is being stored and managed in a safe pair of hands.” 

Ruth Hobbins, Middlesbrough Council

No Cinderella service here

Because one size doesn’t fit all. So a storage supplier forcing you into the same unyielding glass slipper they offer everyone else? No good. You deserve better.

Meet your dedicated Restore Records Management account manager. They’re your fairy godmother who carefully listens to your challenges before designing custom loafers a bespoke service just for you.

They’re supported with a care team based in your area. Not only does this mean they can recommend some lovely pumpkin patches, but their understanding of the area means they’re better placed to solve the challenges you send their way.

Because creating the exact records management and document management service you need is the dream that our heart makes. And it won’t cost you a king’s ransom, either.

ROI ROI, saveloy

Look, we know you’re working with public money. So you need to know you’re getting real value from your investment.

That’s why Redefining Reduction is one of our core promises to you. We know that every penny we save you goes into better public services, so your care team is always looking for ways to save you time, money, and space.

  • No more wasting money on documents you no longer need to store; we’ll let you know when a record can be legally (and securely) destroyed.
  • Don’t want to spend all that time sorting boxes of files? We’ll professionally index and catalogue them for you.
  • Looking for cost efficiencies? Bespoke delivery schedules maintain service while lowering costs.
  • Lack of office space blocking your future plans? We’ll move your archives into ultra-secure, off-site storage.
  • Don’t lose hours hunting through archives; we’ll deliver files the same day while you’re cracking on with other things, or we can digitise your records for instant access.

And if you ever wonder if there are any other ways our local record storage solutions could save you time, money, or space? Just answer the phone. Our Relentlessly Resourceful team will be on the blower whenever they find a way to save you more.

Speak to the team

Short on space? Go big on secure storage

Stacks of files crowding out your plans for the future? New office lacking space for your records? Tired of digging out Steve every time he gets lost in the archives?

We’ll keep your records safe and secure. Our facilities are kitted out with the latest in anti-intruder technology to keep you compliant with the toughest of data privacy regulations. Lock and keypad entry systems, monitored CCTV, RFID, and LOL to anyone trying to get unauthorised access to your records.

And with so many vital and historical documents in your care, you want to be sure they’ll last. So we use sophisticated temperature and humidity controls to keep your archives perfectly preserved in perpetuity.

Try saying that five times fast.

The best part is that none of this safety and security comes at the price of easy access. Our UK-wide network of facilities means your local Restore facility is less than two hours away. So you could pop in for a cuppa with your files if you want or, more importantly, enjoy same-day delivery whenever you request a record.

Not even Prime retailers can promise that.

Paperless vs paperlite

You know the benefits of digitisation. Instant, remote access to records. Reduced storage costs. Efficiency savings. But digitising all your files? That’ll take forever and cost a pretty penny, right?

Well, we prefer you keep hold of your attractive coinage.

Rather than push you to go all in on a huge digital journey, we work with you to identify defined projects that help you test the waters. You can assess processes, needs, and the return on your investment while enjoying immediate benefits.

Benefits like help identifying which records you access most and are best suited to digitisation. Benefits like comprehensive indexing to make files easy to find and identify. Benefits like snazzy Optical Character Recognition so you can search within the file; perfect for when you need to find one word or phrase in a document thicker than a gastropub’s club sandwich.

And if you ever find yourself needing a quick digital scan of a record, our Scan on Demand service provides a same-day scan of any record you have in our secure storage facilities. Perfect if you need to share a file across offices or if an external stakeholder needs a digital file quickly.

"Restore Records Management has been securely storing our records for a decade and the service has been unfailingly fantastic. So it made sense to contact them when we first started thinking about digitising our files. Throughout the project, I was impressed with Restore’s speed and care. This pilot has given us confidence in our plans to fully digitise our paper records."

Matthew Rees, Head of Development Management, London Borough of Hounslow

See it all in action

London Borough of Hounslow Council needed a records management partner that could securely store its records while also helping it on the road to digitisation. Over the past ten years, we’ve stored 16,000 records in a facility just two hours from London Borough of Hounslow’s offices, providing easy access from ultra-secure storage. And when the council asked us to scan 28 boxes of planning records, we collected, prepared, indexed, catalogued, scanned, and carefully returned each one.

All within four weeks.

Don’t you deserve Relentlessly Resourceful records management?

We think you do. Which is why our lovely team is just itching to speak to you. Find out what sort of personalised records management service we can make for you today. Give our specialists a call on 01293780075

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