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How can we ensure our records are catalogued and stored in accordance with industry standards?

We have ISO Accreditation that ensures compliance. You can barcode at the box and/or file level for improved indexing. BSI (British Standards Institute) accreditation.

Our sites are regularly inspected and audited both internally and externally by customers. Our quality team regularly updates SOP policies, and our service delivery managers ensure that warehouse operatives are trained to a high standard.

What methods are employed for indexing and cataloguing various types of records?

Customers can barcode boxes or files themselves onsite and register these via the Restore online portal.

We offer a project service, which entails a site survey to identify your indexing and cataloguing needs.

Also, if you already have an inventory, we can do a data import. If you do not have an inventory, we can do a manual data entry exercise. We do bespoke barcode printing.

Please speak to one of our dedicated sales consultants to find out more.

Is it possible to receive custom cataloguing solutions designed for specific industry requirements?

We do bespoke barcode printing. Please speak to one of our dedicated sales consultants to find out more.

Into which formats can you convert physical documents, and how is the quality guaranteed?

We can convert to PDFs and deliver the images on the Restore portal.

Please speak to one of our dedicated specialists to find out more.

Do you provide bulk scanning services for extensive archives, and how are sensitive documents handled during this process?

Bulk scanning is delivered in partnership with Restore Digital. We (Restore Records Management) transfer items in storage to Restore Digital.

Furthermore, all items are tracked via barcode.

Please speak to one of our dedicated sales consultants to find out more.

Can digital conversions be customised to fit specific digital storage or management systems?

We recommend you speak to one of our dedicated sales consultants directly about this so we can understand what you want to achieve.

How do you guarantee the secure destruction of documents in compliance with GDPR and other regulations?

We guarantee the secure destruction of documents in accordance with GDPR and other regulations through a combination of measures:

Industry-leading shredding technology: They utilise high-security shredding machines that meet the strictest industry standards, ensuring your documents are shredded into unrecognisable particles.

Rigorous chain of custody: From the moment you collect your documents for shredding to the final destruction process, they maintain a documented chain of custody, ensuring complete transparency and accountability.

Trained and certified personnel: our staff are thoroughly trained in secure document handling procedures and are certified in data protection best practices.

Adherence to relevant regulations: They are updated on and adhere to all relevant data protection regulations, including GDPR, ensuring your data is handled securely and legally.

Are certificates of destruction provided for audited proof of compliance?

Yes, we provide certificates of destruction.

What measures are taken to ensure secure document handling prior to destruction?

Several steps are undertaken to ensure the security of your documents before they are shredded:

Secure collection bins: They offer lockable collection bins to safeguard your documents at your location until collection.

Secure transportation: Vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and security measures to prevent unauthorised access during transport.

Limited access facilities: Their shredding facilities are access-controlled and monitored by CCTV cameras to ensure the security of your documents at all times.

By implementing these comprehensive measures, we guarantee the secure and compliant destruction of your documents, giving you peace of mind and helping you fulfil your data protection obligations.

How swiftly can stored records or boxes be retrieved from storage, and what does the process entail?

We can tailor retrieval times to suit your needs. Our standard offering is the next day, however, for many customers, we also provide same day and within hours depending on requirements

Please speak to one of our specialists to find out more.

Is digital access to scanned documents stored at your facilities available?

Yes, please let us know about a scan on demand requirement before you store with us.

Can retrieval services be tailored for urgent requests?

Yes, we offer next-day, same-day and emergency retrieval.

What security features are present at your storage facilities, and are they equipped with climate control?

Perimeter fencing, CCTV, access controls. We work with an external security provider, who conduct 24/7 onsite monitoring.

Is it possible to estimate the storage space required for our needs via your website?
No, however a customer representative will be happy to help.

How do you ensure the protection and preservation of stored documents against environmental risks?

Heritage items are stored in our hardened aircraft shelters and stored in accordance with NCS standards (National Conservation Service).

Vault storage offers climate humidity control for sensitive documents such as wills, deeds, and media tapes.

Our warehouses are regularly evaluated for further fire risk and flooding.

Do you offer specialised storage solutions for media such as film, microfiche, or digital tapes?

Yes, for one customer we have built temperature and humidity-controlled environments in our dedicated vaults that accommodate all items listed above.

How are special environmental or security requirements for sensitive documents accommodated?

We offer several flexible storage options based on your requirements, from storing in temperature and humidity-controlled environments to having government- approved security. Once we understand your requirements, we can put together a solution.

Are customised storage options available for legal or medical records?

Legal sector customers often choose to store their wills and deeds in our dedicated storage vaults that have climate humidity control, as well as increased fire prevention methods. Medical customers often store Lloyd George files with an option to scan on demand as well as physical retrieval.

What is the procedure for arranging emergency storage solutions, and how quickly can they be implemented?

As long as a contract is signed, we can get an account created within 24 hours and can organise a next-day collection. New business customers are assigned a data management consultant to work with them 1 on 1 to design a solution to suit their needs.

We have experience with last-minute office closures and insolvency practitioners.

How are boxes and other packing supplies provided, and what are the associated costs?

We provide Restore branded boxes. Refer to your contractual cost or you can purchase with a credit card on the online shop. We work in partnership with Restore Harrow Green on office relocations, specialist lab moves and heritage requirements. They can provide a quote for special packing materials such as chemical crates, acid-free tissue paper, shrink wrap etc.

We can provide boxes and other packaging supplies. Speak to a member of our team to find out what the costs are.

Could you describe the logistics involved in transferring records to your storage facilities?

We have dedicated and GPS-tracked vehicles that will come and collect your records and bring them to our facilities. All customer requirements are different so we would work with you on a plan to suit your needs. We can track all items from your location to ours.

How is pricing determined for long-term versus short-term storage solutions?

This can depend on the volumes you have and what you see as both long-term and short term, we would look to work with you on a cost that works for you.

Can you provide comprehensive quotes for specialised storage requirements or large-scale scanning projects?

Yes, our data management consultants will discuss your requirements in depth and provide bespoke solution, whether it is bulk storage, vault storage or heritage storage.

We work in partnership with Restore Digital on large-scale scanning projects.

Are there any concealed costs or fees involved in your storage and management services?

We are transparent with all our costs.

Restore Records Management has been patient and knowledgeable and, in our account manager, we have someone who’s always available, really personable and actively works with us to achieve our goals.

Claire Jurczuk, Head of Records Management at the Department for Education

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