Insurance document storage and management

Insurance document management and storage

Underwriting, claims reporting, adjudication and so on. Chances are you’re sitting on vast volumes of insurance documents containing a large amount of personal data. And of course, that also means you’re having to tackle the complex data privacy challenges that all that paperwork poses, all at a time when fraudulent claims are on the rise.

Safely and securely

With our document storage and management service, we’ll store your sensitive records in our facilities safely and securely, saving you space and time – and all the headaches that come with the fear of data breaches. Because life’s too short for climbing paper mountains – when you could be getting on with performing higher value tasks.

Keep track to identify fraud

With potential fraud such a pressing problem in the insurance industry, we can help you retrieve valuable information fast by scanning documents and making them text searchable with Optimal Character Recognition (OCR). As well as saving time, OCR means you can more easily keep track and find commonalities that can help you identify fraud and reduce your losses.

Lower your security and regulatory risk
Just like you, we promise to provide complete peace of mind. So we’ll store your records in our nationwide network of highly secure off-site document storage facilities with state-of-the-art intruder systems – including lock and keypad access and CCTV – that ensure the complete privacy of your sensitive client information.

We put a premium on compliance
To reduce your time and resource spent handling retention periods, when you store your records safely with us, we’ll retain records for the appropriate time, flag up destruction dates and securely shred those documents once the date is reached – maintaining compliance throughout the entire records lifecycle.

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Know exactly what’s in store

With the Restore Customer Portal, you can manage your entire inventory 24/7, so you’ll always know exactly what’s in storage. Whether you need to harness particular data for better decision making or need some claim incident reporting documents, you can easily locate what you need. You can also arrange collection of new assets at the touch of a button.


There for you

Our national network means you’re never more than two hours from your local document storage facility. Plus, with same-day and next-day GPS-tracked delivery of your documents seven days a week, we can get the file on your desk the very same day.

Get documents faster

If you need something urgently, no problem.

Our Scan on Demand service delivers what you need securely – through either our customer portal or your Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

As well as saving time with a quick turnaround, you can also save money by only scanning the documents you require.

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Supporting a paper-lite way of working

With digital increasingly becoming the new normal, more and more insurers are reducing their reliance on paper, and as ever, we’re here to help. We’ll also help you understand what needs digitising and what doesn’t, so you don’t waste money.

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