Ultra Secure Vault Storage

Add even more protection to your most important records

You need to store records for a long time. You need to comply with stringent regulations and keep your customers’ data safe. And you’ve only so much space in the office. So what do you do? You let a Ridiculously Regulatory, Really Reliable records management business take care of them inside safe, secure vaults. So you can rest easy knowing your customers’ data is safe, your compliance is taken care of, and you don’t have to move anyone’s desk into the car park to make room for your records.

High security

An ex-military site below ground level and invisible to the Google eye. Fitted with CCTV and entry pads throughout

Protecting your assets

Assets stored on specialist racking with air handling, cutting edge desiccant technology

Managing your inventory

Software to track your assets, from desk-to-desk to the vault

Take a tour of our Monkton Farleigh underground vault

Dig for Security

There’s a reason we bury our treasure. So, when you’re legally obligated to store a record for decades and maintain the information security of that record, where better than underground? That’s why we resurrected a trio of ex-military mines across the country and comprehensively upgraded them to serve as the most secure long-term storage facilities you could imagine. And with the latest in desiccant technology and fire and flood suppression tools, we’ve created a stable environment that perfectly preserves your records and maintains your information security in a way that exceeds the most rigorous of privacy regulations. Safe, secure, and perfectly preserved. Our underground facilities are the perfect answer to your long-term storage needs.

Still at your fingertips

Underground or overground, you’re wombling free to manage your inventory 24/7 with the Really Reliable Restore Web Portal.

Request delivery or collection of your assets, organise them, or even order more boxes. Your assets will be carefully handled by our dedicated team, trained to the most rigorous standards, and transported in our own fleet of GPS-tracked vehicles.

You can even view a record without bringing it above ground by using our Scan on Demand service, where we will carefully scan your record and securely send the digital copy to you. And when you no longer need to keep storing a document, we’ve made it easy to request a secure destruction that maintains your data security and comes with a certificate of destruction for your audit trail.

We do easy-access vaults too

Our above ground storage facilities are flush with the latest in security measures. Each vault is fitted with the same 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) and lock and keypad entry systems as our underground facilities, meaning no-one’s getting anywhere near your records without your say-so. Restore Records Management has real breadth and depth in their offer, meaning that each of our offices can store boxes in a facility near them – great for quick access – and the range of services caters for our differing needs, including storage, shredding and office removals.

"The fantastic security and climate control at this amazing underground ex-stone mine near Bath mean these precious documents will be preserved in perpetuity.

Richard Humphries, Deputy Head of Facilities

Find out how we can help you

If you’re looking for a flexible partner that will listen to your specific needs and design the bespoke data management plan that’s right for your business, get in touch. As the largest UK-owned records management company, we’ll use our 30+ years experience to offer a level of service unmatched by our rivals.

To find out more, or discuss your needs, why not get in touch? Contact us or give our specialists a call on 0333 222 6390

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