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Keeping your priceless collections safe

Keeping your priceless collections safe for you

The artefacts in your care are precious, and the work you’ve put into preserving them for future generations should be continued by any storage company that you work with. This is why we’ve built a heritage storage service unlike any other. Your collections won’t be safer anywhere than in our heritage storage facilities, where we’ve combined preservation technology with sites of historical significance to create storage that protects against damp, mould, and even bombs.

How we solve your problems

Preserve your collections

We've carefully upgraded Air Force shelters to incorporate state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controls

Peace of mind

National Conservation Service monitors our facilities to ensure ongoing compliance with BS 4971:2017 and BS EN 16893:2018

24/7 Tracking

Each artefact is barcoded, you can see the location down to the shelf it sits on

Our specially trained teams minimise the need to directly handle your artefacts. They use only museum grade packing materials such as Acid-Free tissue, Plastazote® foam and Tyvek®, placing your artefacts in custom-built cases before transporting them directly to our facilities.

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"‘In their heart of hearts, any museum curator really wants to keep all their collection with them."

Louisa Price, Curator at The Charles Dickens Museum

Heritage facilities for heritage storage

When we came to designing our heritage storage facilities, where better than historical buildings that we could preserve while preserving your collections?

So we turned to former Air Force shelters, carefully upgrading these Cold War buildings to incorporate state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controls while preserving the original structures that were originally designed to withstand a 1000lb demolition bomb. Now our heritage asset management facilities house over 50,000 square feet of collections, protecting them against damp, mould, pests, floods, fire, and even bombs.

“BS 4971:2017- and BS EN 16893:2018-compliant storage in an accessible location, in specially adapted buildings that are heritage monuments themselves, managed by an expert, helpful team and at rates geared to cash-strapped heritage organisations – it all added up to an enticing package.”

Adrian Holloway, Collections Manager at The Horniman Museum and Gardens

Peace of mind with our heritage asset management

To give you peace of mind, we work with the National Conservation Service which monitors our facilities to ensure ongoing compliance with BS 4971:2017 and BS EN 16893:2018, so you know your collections are being kept in facilities of the highest standard.

We’ve taken every step to ensure the collections in our care are protected from unauthorised access too. Our facilities are monitored by 24-hour security, with every visitor escorted through the site and CCTV monitoring every vehicle that arrives. State-of-the-art intruder systems, coupled with high-security doors and locks, ensure that the only people with access to your collections are our expert team and you.

Accessing your collections

You can trust us with your collections. But, for added peace of mind, finding the location of your assets or collection can be done with the touch of a few buttons. The answer is literally at your fingertips.

Each artefact in your collection is numbered and barcoded, which means that you can see the location of each one via the Restore Records Management Web Portal down to the shelf it sits on.

If you want an artefact delivered to you, or you want to add more to your collection, you can use the portal to arrange swift deliveries and pickups that come with full audit trails. Each vehicle in our fleet is GPS-tracked, so you can follow an item’s journey from our facilities to your site and back again.

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