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The Challenge

“No organisation can afford the impact data loss causes to business far and wide, especially when your reputation is staked on it, as it is with SCC. SCC manages, controls and safeguards data at every different impact level across various customers, from central government through to retail, logistics, leisure and more. 

“At SCC we pride ourselves on using the very best hardware, software and technology to ensure data security end to end. However, when it comes to off-siting of data across media, management, rotation, tracking, audit and technical hands delivery this previously proved to be challenging, costly, time consuming and, at times, ineffective to our needs. 

“We needed a supplier that showed capability, agility and ambition to work with us in a partnership geared towards improved levels of service, enhanced data security, increased customer satisfaction, as well as driving service outcome for our business and valued customers.”

Our Restore experience

“Since the very first day we’ve been hugely impressed, there’s simply no comparison with our old providers. The professionalism and level of service from our account manager and the Restore team mean we’ve now got tremendous flexibility for specific projects or ad-hoc requests to be fulfilled promptly and intelligently. 

“We can be fully confident that the storage facilities are correctly climate controlled and that all our tapes are cared for so they’re ready for action in an emergency. Through the customer portal we can track individual tapes across multiple accounts, order a tape to be retrieved and purchase new ones – all from the dedicated team. Restore’s tape engineers are skilled and authorised to change tapes at their storage facilities, so we no longer need to send anyone from our IT team to do so. And finally, we have lots of customers but they can all sit under our one account. So, for example, we are at Level 1, our customer is at Level 2 and any of their regional locations are on Level 3 – having them all under one account makes it a good deal easier to manage. Overall, a really impressive end-to-end service.”

Our Results

  • We were so impressed at the constant communication between us and our account manager, and with the whole set up and security that after our initial migration of two customers’ tapes, we moved 13 further customers in a record two months and now keep approximately 18,000 tapes in store.
  • We can actively purchase media on contract and have it directly assigned to our accounts and shipped out to any of our sites using barcodes for tracking. This is a unique service that we like very much.
  • We don’t have to worry about sending one of our engineers to complete tape changes, meaning we can focus more wholly on our work.

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Information Technology



SCC is Europe’s largest independent IT solutions business with 7,000 employees in 65 offices across a number of EMEA countries. Providing the best possible service and data security to their customers is a given and, around five years ago, when their tape storage provider fell short, it was time to look elsewhere. Jason Briscoe, IT Operations Director, tells us about SCC’s choice.

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We have never looked back since we moved over to Restore’s tape storage. They excel in keeping our data safe and secure, their systems are fully transparent and accountable, which, in a GDPR world of heightened awareness of data protection, is fundamental.

Jason Briscoe IT Operations Director, SCC