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University of Leicester Case Study

Restore Records University of Leicester Case Study

The Challenge

"I joined the University in October 2017 and straightaway had a large-scale and pressurised project to tackle. As with many places of education, the question of on-site space is a hot topic with any ‘spare’ or seemingly redundant areas increasingly being required either for teaching, research or student accommodation. In fact, this project was the result of the imminent demolition of our only purpose built on-campus storage facility on Putney Road – in the diary for April 2018."

"This tight deadline was the catalyst for engaging with stakeholders across departments such as HR, estates and facilities and student services, to undertake a wide-ranging rationalisation and relocation of the modern records held at the Putney Road site."

"Our first step was to identify what those records were, both for clarity and for compliance, then we needed to start the effortful job of preparing and sending all obsolete material to shredding. At the same time we started the process of procuring a third-party supplier for their records management expertise as well as their off-site storage. We didn’t have a lightbulb moment, as such, as we had no alternative but to use the CCS procurement framework, with a choice of pre-qualified suppliers. We allowed the whole of January 2018 for the tender process, receiving expressions of interest from a number of service providers. When we reviewed Restore’s tender return we found we greatly preferred their friendly, flexible approach coupled with their experience with other large organisations. They didn’t seem phased by either the slightly challenging ‘messiness’ of the project or the tight timescale.”

The experience

"Our experience with Restore was positive from the outset. Our dedicated account manager and the back-up of knowledgeable and helpful customer support teams helped us feel confident with each step we took. Once disposal of old and obsolete records was well underway and we were making inroads into reducing volumes of documents and archive boxes, our account manager set up short workshop meetings to discuss the indexing requirements for each department."

"We agreed that the university teams would initially barcode their material to distinguish it. Restore was flexible about what sort of information they could capture from those barcodes – different teams record different details – in order to enter it into their records management software."

"We also agreed that the departments would operate on a level 2 type of account, which can be invoiced individually, making it straightforward for accounting and incentivising each team to be super-organised (so they are billed less often)."

"The uplift and relocation to Restore’s Coventry facility of all the boxes remaining after our consolidation of their contents – around 2,000 of them – was completed effortlessly by the Restore team in under a week towards the end of April."

The Results

  • Our tight timescale was met, with one day to spare!
  • The Putney Road warehouse was left looking better than when Restore started the uplift – even though it was going to be demolished
  • Together we reduced the number of archive boxes sent to off-site storage with Restore from approximately 3,000 to 2,000
  • Criteria for GDPR and retention and disposal legislation met
  • Full list and visibility of assets/holdings
  • Good ongoing relationship between various departments of the university and Restore’s account management team
  • Overall, an extremely professional job done by Restore

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Higher Education

University of Leicester


The University of Leicester is a medium-sized research institution with around 22,000 students and 4,000 employees. Like many organisations, space is at a premium and earmarked for teaching, research or accommodation rather than records storage.

David Jenkins, Records Manager, tells us about an indexing and uplift project to relocate records from an on-campus warehouse that was due to be demolished as part of a redevelopment scheme.

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Their ongoing flexibility, their understanding of the task in hand and their impressive turnaround of the job in, ultimately, just one week.

David Jenkins, Records Manager University of Leicester