Records Management FAQs

Records Management FAQs


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Busting the Records Management Myths

Moving your archives over to Restore

Will it cost a lot to move from an existing supplier over to Restore?

Restore will cover the majority if not all of the withdrawal costs charged by existing incumbent.

Will boxes be missed when moving across to Restore?

Restore undertake a thorough intake process which includes a full inventory of your boxes, validation process and checking/scanning all boxes to ensure all boxes are moved across. In addition Restore can run a full audit of your boxes free of charge for data protection purposes.

How much of an organisations time will be involved in moving over to Restore?

Restore can manage the full process of the move so your organisation doesn’t have to. Our operations, business support and mobilisation teams are on hand to ensure a smooth transition of boxes from existing supplier over to Restore.

Will there be service interruptions during the move?

Organisations can still retrieve any boxes they require during the move. Regardless of whether the box is still with existing supplier or with Restore, we can organise the retrieval of the box to ensure its business as usually for your organisation.

Does the organisation have to deal with existing supplier during move?

Restore will liaise with your existing supplier directly so your organisation doesn’t have to.

What if I have sources of data on spreadsheets, on a management system or documents that are not recorded?

Restore are able to offer an online system (Restore Web) which enables you to add and retrieve items. If you have several sources of inventory our Business Support team are experienced in consolidating data and importing into our Restore Web to enable our customers to have one, accurate inventory ensuring consistency and control of records.