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Records Management FAQs

Records Management FAQs


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Moving your archives – Meet the team

Our experienced team ensure the smooth transition over to Restore.

Business Development

Our Business Development team work closely with the customer and other Restore teams such as our business support, administration and operations teams, to ensure that the customers account is set up correctly, the online portal is implemented and collections arranged.

They Co-ordinate with Restore departments to deliver a smooth transition of the customers records from their existing supplier into our care.

Meet our Business Development Manager, Dawn Greenwood


The mobilisation team manage the validation of items into our custody. They ensure that Restore receive the Customers items and raising any anomalies with the incumbent supplier, Operations team and the Customer if required.

They work closely with Business Support to validate the data and make certain that the data is mapped to the correct account sub levels. They produce transfer reports on request or on a scheduled basis to keep our Customer informed of progress.

Mike Strudwick – Mobilisation Manager


Our Operations Team liaise with the incumbent supplier to agree the collection schedule. Once this has been agreed with the Customer they arrange the necessary transfer. Uplifts typically operate at 250 boxes per site being collected daily.

Once received at the data centre the warehouse operatives scan the items to the O’Neil system enabling the Mobilisation Team to validate receipt. If any boxes are received badly damaged they will inform the Mobilisation Team immediately.


Our Admin team are available to answer queries relating to collections and deliveries from our customer sites, e.g. when will the driver arrive, can I arrange a large than normal collection etc.

Restore have locally based Admin teams around the UK meaning you will speak to the team closest to the storage facility where your records are stored.

Sales Support

Our Sales Support team deal with the contract pre and post signature and set up the Customers Account. This team are a key part of delivering a smooth transition of the Customers records into our care.

Business Support

Working closely with all of those previously mentioned our Business Support Team create the account structure, build the on line portal to customer specification, carry out training, map the inventory and import it and deal with portal queries and amendments throughout the transfer stage.

Tony Keenan – Business Support Manager

Credit Control

Ensuring that the account payable details are correct and our payment terms are understood. Our credit Control team will make contact with our Customers accounts team to establish a strong relationship from day one.