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Future storage

  Finding new ways of storing information in this era of Big Data is helping push the boundaries of science. 

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Safe Magnetic Tape Storage With Restore Records Management

Originally created by German scientists back in the late 1920s, magnetic tape was a revolution to the film world. Learn about the...

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We’re growing

Development work has taken place at our records management facility in Rainham, Essex as part of Restores investment in growth,...

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A world of Christmas tree decorations

Bringing the outdoors indoors during winter dates back an awful lot further than Queen Victoria…

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Just a little cross…

With the arrival of yet another election this week, I thought it time for some facts.

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How Records Management Companies help you Reduce your Business Liabilities

Records management companies such as Restore Records can be a valuable asset for a business owner. 

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Helping the NHS meet their goals

As the latest general election looms we’re being swamped with stories about funding shortages in the NHS and different plans to...

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Saint Andrew’s Day: 30 November 2019

Heralding the start of a season of important winter festivals, the patron saint’s day is an important marker for Scotland. Cheers!

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