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Helping local government strike a balance in their records management

File tracking Q: How much do head teachers and school administrators need to know about GDPR, records management systems and retention schedules?

From the humblest customer letter to historic documents, the range of records and information a local government organisation deals with on a day-to-day basis is vast.

We understand the various challenges facing administrators and we can help take some of the strain, whether that’s near or deep storage, instant retrieval, conservation, data-wiping or end-of-life asset disposal. We manage all types of materials and are experienced in helping departments strike a balance between accessibility, logistics and compliance, putting you back in control of your information.

What we offer…

  • An end-to-end records management service that’s tailored to your organisation
  • Nimble, flexible attitude to creating solutions, with our Restore Group sister companies, at the right place and the right price for the public sector

How this benefits you

  • Security gives you peace of mind: 24-hour on- and off-site data back-up; round-the-clock entry system monitoring; GPS-tracked vehicles; vetted drivers and operatives; specialist storage; leading dessicant and fire suppressant technology; specialist racking
  • Online management for instant ease of access: by installing Dovetail, our own free-to-customers on-site document management software, you and members of your team will be able to seamlessly communicate with Restore’s off-site management program, industry-standard RS SQL from O’Neil's. This means you can interrogate systems to precisely locate documents, from desk-to-desk, cupboard-to-storage, find out when their retention period is up, and know who has had access to a file at any time. A perfect, no-risks audit trail. All from the comfort of your desktop.
  • Specialist conservation services, for posterity: old documents, plans and maps can be delicate which is why we recommend using our outsize scanning capabilities to reduce further wear and tear on the fragile originals and improved access – for employees and researchers, too – to the content. Our specialists can also repair and restore damaged paper and film footage.  
  • Secure, sustainable disposal maintains chain of custody: confidential destruction of paper, digital and IT assets at the end of their retention period or lifecycle is an essential part of the process. Like you, we are concerned with meeting our environmental targets and are committed to always working towards 0% landfill. We regard end of life as the beginning of life for something else: recycled paper or re-used IT assets, for example
  • Accredited, so just bolsters your peace of mind: we meet and operate to the high standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and BS 10008.

Complete our quick quote form or contact one of our approachable and knowledgeable account management team who will provide you with a full breakdown of the services we offer our public sector customers.