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A heritage assets management service that’s unique

Whether you’re a planning officer at a local authority, a curator of historic books or, perhaps, a collections manager, Restore can help you look after for posterity all the precious objects, documents and artefacts that are in your care.

We have many years’ experience helping local planning departments, for example, restore the paper of ancient deeds and maps – including creating outsize scans of certain documents for ease of consultation – while ensuring they are stored at the correct levels of humidity, temperature and accessibility.

Our Heritage Storage Scheme based in Oxfordshire is a unique offering in the sector. Housed in ex-Cold War hardened aircraft shelters, our facility offers innovative 21st-century technology at surprisingly low prices. We fully understand the organic nature of museum and gallery collections that need to be moved in and out of exhibitions, sent on loan to other sites or archived out of the way for their own protection.

What we offer…

  • High security, central location
  • Bombproof, flood-proof, fireproof, damp-proofed and pest-free structures
  • Independently monitored buildings ensure PD5454 and BS/EN16893 compliance
  • Low carbon footprint facility offers a green solution for long-term heritage storage
  • Environmentally controlled archives for active collection management
  • Specialist digitisation service

Fill out our quick quote form or for more information on how Restore can support you or for a tour of the historic Cold War airbase, please get in touch with Michael Watts, Senior Manager Heritage Sector