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Speed & confidentiality: records management for legal Top 100

A happy lawyer is one who always has the right document to hand and who knows their clients’ confidentiality is respected and protected at all times. The sensitivities surrounding many of the profession’s processes mean that lawyers need to be able to demonstrate to their clients how carefully they handle information. Drowning in a sea of paperwork is not an option.

Restore works in partnership with you to make sure that every link in the information chain is strong and secure, for your reputation, for total peace of mind.

What we offer…

Speed and security: scan-on-demand at the touch of a button, original document retrievals delivered twice daily – whatever combination of document management your firm needs, we can tailor our services to you. For ultimate data protection, you can count on our GPS-tracked vehicles and vetted drivers, while all our facilities are security monitored round the clock. For complete desktop control and security, why not try using Dovetail, Restore’s on-site document management software that interfaces effortlessly with our off-site tracking program, for gap-free chain of custody?

Optimal management and efficiency: we don’t rest on our laurels. At Restore we know storing thousands of boxes is a costly necessity, so we proactively analyse your storage patterns to find ways to save space and money. Compare our flatpack box prices with what you currently pay, for example. Using Dovetail, which is free to our customers, can help reduce archive size by up to 20% through superior auditing of retention and disposal deadlines, and ensures the correct levels of access, privacy and security, increasing productivity by up to 25%.

Trust and confidence: many of our customers find they couldn’t manage the sheer weight of documents, data protection and end-of-life management without Restore working alongside them.

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