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Complete records management for the Healthcare Sector

File tracking Is it just an apocryphal tale that, on average, a National Health Service hospital has almost a football pitch’s worth of space given over to on-site records management and storage – or is it a reality?

Over a quarter of all NHS Trusts have discovered the benefits of working with Restore. Our extensive experience in the healthcare sector means we understand the huge challenges faced by hospitals, clinics, surgeries and other healthcare administrators.

We have developed and designed solutions in paper-based records management and beyond that will improve processes and compliance, and realise efficiencies within your department or Trust. If you have not started already, these solutions will help you complete the journey to meeting the government’s vision of being significantly ‘paper-light’ by 2020.

What we offer the NHS...

  • Secure document storage and archiving: all our UK-wide storage facilities are equipped with secure entry systems and CCTV monitored around the clock, and they use specialist racking and the latest in humidity and temperature control to maintain optimal storage conditions; vehicles are GPS-tracked, drivers and operatives are all vetted; we can barcode and tag individual files so they are easily traced for retrieval or scan-on-demand
  • Accredited, audited document and data destruction: patient records, HR files, accounts and so on can all be mapped against legal retention requirements so that out-of-date records can be confidently and confidentially destroyed and you receive a Certificate of Destruction to prove it
  • Document and archive scanning with optional classification and indexing: the first step on the journey towards a complete digitisation programme of legacy, current and day forward documents, moving your surgery, clinic or hospital on to the next level in care, communications and compliance
  • Highly secure, high-quality service, based on efficient and reliable operational procedures. We meet the stringent standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, Level 2 or above in the IG toolkit and BS 10008
  • We work with Restore Digital, part of the Restore Group of companies, and we will advise, configure, install and support scanning solutions to enable the capture, storage, distribution and retrieval of paper-based and electronic documents.

Complete records management for the Healthcare Sector

How you benefit…

  • On- and off-site bureaus of experts who will help set up and run your records management protocols, and re-train your teams to run them
  • Enhanced record keeping = improved patient care and safety
  • Faster data retrieval
  • Secure and efficient access to critical information and up-to-date medical history
  • Unbroken chain of custody reduces the gap for risk
  • Quicker audit and financial reporting performance
  • What would you do with an extra football pitch’s worth of space?

Complete our quick quote form or contact one of our expert account managers who will be able to provide you details about some of our successful healthcare sector projects, whose high-specification, high-security tailored records management programmes have brought them fully into the 21st century.