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A records management service fit for purpose for SMEs

There’s no one size fits all at Restore.

No matter what your business size, however, you are still governed by the same rules and regulations for data protection and end-of-life compliance as a mega-corporation. So what happens if you do not have the resource in-house to sort out your records management effectively?

Speak to one of our experienced and expert account managers, who will take the time to really listen to you, to get to the heart of what your business needs are. At Restore we’re flexible in our approach and are happy to mix and match our services so that you get the stages of a records management system that precisely meet your procedural and budgetary requirements. Whether your focus is instant access or long-term compliance – or both – we do know that whatever we devise together will put you back in control of all your information, leaving you with more time to devote to your business.

What we offer…

  • Day-to-day business ease: how about freeing up some space in the office? Moving all your paper documentation off-site to one of our high-security storage facilities; using Dovetail, our free-to-customers records management software, to track every piece of paper on site and then, through seamless interface with our management system, off-site – we can help you organise these. If you have masses of digital data – you may need instant access to quotes and price comparisons so you stay on top of fast moving markets – you’ll be interested in back up – a pillar in any disaster recovery plan, should the worst happen. We offer automated, expertly monitored on-site hard drive storage, as well as off-site back up to disc or tape, and Cloud storage. Take your pick!
  • Peace of mind: paper and electronic documents such as company records, accident books and employee files must be kept for years, sometimes the lifetime of the company. Our bar-coded, traceable filing system means you can recall any document to your desk within just hours, while knowing that all your valuable archive information is safely stored in high-security, environmentally appropriate facilities.
  • End-of-life disposal concerns – gone: all your business information has a finite retention period, but how do you know which file is where, and when it expires? Dovetail and our in-house O’Neil’s management system tags and tracks files and will alert both you and us to disposal dates so that we can destroy paper and digital data swiftly and securely. We understand the need for continued confidentiality, even when paper is shredded or discs wiped, which is why we provide auditable trails and certificates of destruction.

Find out how we can help you make effective use of your time and budget, while becoming more compliant with current data protection regulations, by speaking to one of our knowledgeable account management team or fill our our quick quote form.