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Energy and Utilities

Managing a fast-moving, data-hungry industry: Energy and Utilities

At Restore, we understand the energy and utilities industry’s need for both instant access and long-term compliance and can work with you to deliver a complete records management service that helps place you firmly in control of all aspects of your business.

What we offer…

  • A clear and auditable trail that complies with HMRC requirements designed to satisfy the Climate Change Levy Agreements
  • Proof of back-up to demonstrate to local authorities during the due diligence process
  • 24-hour hard drive back-up monitoring, on- and off-site, so that, should the worst happen, we will swing into disaster recovery mode within minutes…
  • Whether part of or a complete information management plan, we tailor it to your business needs: from near to deep storage of company and customer documents and tapes, to instant-access Cloud storage of market data for quotes and price comparisons, and confidential destruction of paper and digital data at the correct time – with a Certificate of Destruction to prove it
  • …peace of mind in a volatile market.

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