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Heritage Storage Scheme

At Restore, we are committed to supporting the heritage sector in their valuable work to conserve artefacts and objects for future generations to enjoy.

We offer an innovative heritage storage service for galleries, museums and organisations that meets the highest conservation standards as laid down in PD5454:2012and BS/EN16893 – all at the lowest prices.


Independently and stringently monitored, our unique facility in Oxfordshire is protected by the best 21st-century technology can offer, while its low carbon footprint makes for an ecologically sound solution for long-term heritage storage.


Heritage Mixed Collections

We store and manage over 5000 cubic metres of heritage items for 70 customers.








As well as unbeatable flexible contract terms and affordability specifically designed for the heritage sector, we provide suites of on-site atmospherically controlled rooms for active collection management, and specialist digitisation and uplift services supplied by experts from the Restore Group of companies.

Safely and Securely Housed

Our Heritage Storage Scheme is housed in ex-Cold War hardened aircraft shelters that, rather neatly we think, are a scheduled monument in themselves. Where else are you going to get the guarantee of your storage being cared for in a facility that is bombproof, flood-proof, fireproof, damp-proofed and pest free?

For more information on how Restore can support you or for a tour of the historic Cold War airbase, please get in touch with Michael Watts, Senior Manager Heritage Sector