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Scan on demand

Scan on demand is an ideal way to access archived information, especially for organisations operating a blended office/remote working set-up.

Specific files can be retrieved from our secure storage facilities, whether that be single sheets or multi-paged documents, which are then carefully prepared, scanned and delivered safely through secure links such as our customer portal – Restore Web – or sFTP.

We have specialised scan-on-demand hubs around our nationwide business that are set up for speed, efficiency and as part of a tightly controlled audit trail. After all, data protection still rules.

The benefits of Scan on Demand

  • Speed – access stored data within agreed SLAs
  • Security – create an auditable trail and feel confident in the safety of delivery through sFTP
  • Forward thinking – start keeping records electronically and discover a new ease of working
  • Space – scan on demand works perfectly as a tool to help you downsize your office footprint.


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Scan on demand


Simple, quick and at your fingertips: how scan on demand works

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