Heritage Storage
We offer an innovative heritage storage scheme for galleries, museums and organisations.

Secure Hangars
Secure Hangars
Our converted cold war bunkers offer the highest level of security.
Bomb-proof, flood-proof and guarded by the best 21st century technology.
The perfect location – our Upper Heyford storage facilities
ticked all of the onerous PD5454 boxes.
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Heritage Storage

PEACE OF MIND. That’s what you get when you place your priceless collections in our care.

At Restore, we are committed to supporting the heritage sector in their valuable work to conserve artefacts and objects for future generations to enjoy.

We offer an innovative heritage storage scheme for galleries, museums and organisations that meets the highest conservation standards as laid down in PD5454:2012 and BS/EN16893 – all at the lowest prices.

Collections are housed in converted ex-Cold War hardened aircraft shelters providing optimum protection from flooding, fire, damp and pests.

For more information on how Restore can support you or for a tour of the historic Cold War airbase, please complete our form below.


Benefits of the Heritage Storage Scheme

  • Protection – Housed in converted Cold War hardened aircraft shelters that are bombproof, flood-proof, fireproof, damp-free and pest-free
  • High security – 24/7 manned security, CCTV and barbed wire perimeter fencing ensure the security of our site
  • Monitoring – Our facilities are independently monitored by the National Conservation Service to ensure PD5454 compliance
  • Temperature controlled - On-site atmospherically controlled suites for active collection management
  • Low carbon footprint - Our facility offers a green solution for long-term heritage storage


What is the National Conservation Service (NCS)?

Restore works in collaboration with the National Conservation Service (NCS) to ensure the ex-Cold War hardened aircraft shelters meet the stringent storage requirements of PD5454:2012.

Find out more about the work NCS do here.

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Heritage Storage


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Heritage Storage