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Restructuring Solutions

Full service solution for insolvency and corporate recovery

At Restore we understand the sensitivities and compliance concerns around winding up a company, no matter what its size or type of activity. You need to be able to demonstrate to your clients how carefully you are handling their information – for their employees’, creditors’ and customers’ sakes.

Restore has specialist facilities across the UK offering a localised solution for you.

We offer a full range of restructuring services tailored to your requirement including these keys areas:

Record and Asset Management

Restore are the largest UK-owned records management company, storing and managing over 22 million records and assets. Our restructuring services include: 

  • Materials - Supply of storage and removal materials such as secure boxes and containers 
  • Indexing - Collection, boxing up and cataloguing items completed by specialist staff. 
  • Storage – Secure off-site storage of all your documentation and assets with online management and a wide range of same day and next day retrieval options. Restore has over 100 secure storage facilities nationwide to allow us to offer a localised solution for you.

Relocations - The market leader in commercial relocation. Restore specialise in business and technology moves focusing on customer led approaches.

Recycling, resale and disposal - A leading provider in end of life document and IT asset destruction, including disposal and recycling options. We also offer a resale option for redundant IT equipment such as desktops, laptops, old mobile phones.

We understand the need to be flexible and responsive. Our specialist team are on hand to react quickly to your requests and changes to ensure your timescales are met. 

This includes the quick distribution of archiving materials and same day or next day collection and retrieval of items in secure storage.

You will receive a full inventory of all documents and assets being stored, relocated, disposed or resold. Reports can be tailored to your requirements to ensure you have a complete understanding of the work being completed.

Invoicing options tailored to you. This can include payment options for ongoing storage or full upfront payments for all services used.

Our options are there to ensure the restructuring process is as easy and streamlined as possible for you.

We offer a single point of contact for all your queries and requests aimed at making your work easier and saving you time.


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