Disaster Recovery
Do you have a contingency plan in place? Disaster could strike at any moment;
we offer peace of mind back-up to safeguard your organisation.
From deep store facilities to local data centres,
we ensure the highest levels of security.
Purchase storage cases and archive boxes via our online store.
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Magnetic Tape Storage

The bedrock of any plan is having back up and part of that plan should be keeping all your computer back-up tapes, DVDs and CDs in secure off-site storage. Whether it’s a virus that attacks all your internal systems, or some external physical disaster, or a more prosaic power outage – who can afford to lose data, assets or precious time in today’s world?

Should the worst happen, we can help your business back on its feet within hours.

What we offer…Tape Storage

  • GPS-tracked collections and deliveries from storage facilities near you
  • Secure storage with 24/7 security entry systems and CCTV
  • A stable environment with temperature and humidity control
  • Inergen™ Premier fire suppression system – the ‘greenest’ of suppressant gases
  • Desktop control through online tracking software, which enables access at the touch of a button, audit trails and proof of unbroken chain of custody.