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Green narrow circle over image - Records-HeroLeftText

Records Management FAQs

Records Management FAQs


Bootstrap Slider - Text Left Aligned use Slider_BTHero_LeftAlignedTxt container

Bootstrap Hero Slider text centered: Slider_BTHero

For hero images with only text over the image use Records-Innerhero container, copy the html code into a notepad and adjust the image/text accordingly.

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For buttons use class="readmore".

For Parallax sections with background image - use Parallax-LeftAlignedtext container, change the image url from the module settings, the copy of the module can be edited from the HTML editor.

Testimonial Parallax Records - for Client testimonials, change image from module settings, add content from the HTML editor, use class small for client's title.

Heritage Storage Scheme

At Restore, we are committed to supporting the heritage sector in their valuable work to conserve artefacts and objects for future generations to enjoy.

We offer an innovative heritage storage service for galleries, museums and organisations that meets the highest conservation standards as laid down in PD5454:2012and BS/EN16893 – all at the lowest prices.

Centered introduction - use Records-CeneteredText container.