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Records Management FAQs

Records Management FAQs


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Is your organisation GDPR ready?

Restore Records Management can help you build a practical plan that will not only help you manage GDPR compliance but future-proof your organisation to respond to new Data Protection Regulations.

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What Clients Say

"Through the dedication of Restore staff, the transfer of documents from the Council to Restore was efficient and caused little disruption to our staff and working lives. The fileTrak system is a fantastic tool which allows us to have extra security surrounding our confidential files and easy access to them whenever we require. I would highly recommend Restore as a trusted document management provider." 

Nicola Wilson, Business Development Manager, Derby City Council

Heritage Storage Scheme

At Restore, we are committed to supporting the heritage sector in their valuable work to conserve artefacts and objects for future generations to enjoy.

We offer an innovative heritage storage service for galleries, museums and organisations that meets the highest conservation standards as laid down in PD5454:2012and BS/EN16893 – all at the lowest prices.

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