Case Studies

Case Studies

The transition of 15,000 document boxes within a short timescale for a national Energy company

This Energy Company has operations spanning electricity generation and the sale of natural gas and electricity to homes and businesses throughout the United Kingdom. They are investing in low-carbon energy using renewable technologies such as wind, nuclear and solar to help cut UK carbon emissions to nothing. As a sustainable and responsible energy business they want to make sure they work with suppliers with the same ethos.

Operating in a heavily regulated industry means it is important for this Energy Company to satisfy the needs of the regulators as well as their customers. They had 15,000 boxes of business documents stored within their own premises that needed to be moved to a secure off-site facility to meet the compliance requirements of the regulator.

When reviewing their options, they required a solution that provided security and protection of their important business documents. It was imperative for them to have a full audit trail of items being transferred across from their on-site facility into secure off-site storage.

The full transition of the document boxes had to be completed within 4 months and after in-depth discussions with key stakeholders, a bespoke solution was designed that considered their requirements, the long-term benefits and gave the Energy Company the assurance that Restore would provide an effective solution that was cost-efficient.

We worked with them to create unique barcodes for their data that was extracted from their own management system. This meant Restore could barcode each box and capture the data in one activity.

Once barcoded the boxes were then validated and booking in receipts issued to the customer for them to upload to their own Records Management System. The boxes were then transferred across to Restores secure off-site facility nearest to the customers premises using GPS-tracked vans. The transfer of the 15,000 boxes were spaced out over 3 months to ensure the full audit trail of each box moving into Restores care. Restores mobilisation and onboarding team worked closely with the energy companies’ key stakeholders to share technical knowledge and manage every stage of the transfer and ensuring its business as usual for the customer.

The Restore solution alleviated the time-consuming data capture process the customer had previously and provided them with a real-time audit of the unbarcoded records held within their facilities.

In addition, we were able to print the security seal number on each barcode allowing for this to be uploaded to the customers own management systems prior to being uploaded. This is a key requirement of the regulator due to the nature of the records being stored.

The internal auditors at the Energy Company have benefitted by being able to clearly see the audit trail being generated and the validation of the data against the box and security seals was being completed.

The in-depth audit carried out during the project allowed for the identification and location of several mid-archived assets that they were not aware of previously.

The project to audit and transfer the 15,000 boxes was completed on-time and to the agreed budget. Restore will continue to manage and store the Energy Companies historic and live archive of records.

  • 15,000 boxes audited and transferred
  • 4 month timescale for completion

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