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Case Studies

Fenwick Elliott LLP improved costs and compliance

The customer

Fenwick Elliott are the UK’s largest specialist construction and energy law firm. Advising on every aspect of the construction process from inception through building to completion and operation.

We spoke to Daniel McDonald, Senior Clerk at the firm, to find out how he helped colleagues overcome the fear of disruption.

We had reached an unprecedented number of archive boxes with our previous supplier: 13,000. These were stored across a number of sites, with physical files delivered to our offices on a frequent basis. Over the years our frustration had grown on a number of points, including: we felt we were paying over the odds for the level of service we were receiving; we had lost any personal relationship with the supplier – we had, in fact, become just a number; and, lastly, the process of managing our storage, recall and destruction processes was too time consuming.

There was another hurdle that I needed to help my legal colleagues overcome, too. While our off-site records management wasn’t the ideal set-up there were concerns, fears even, that important files might get mislaid or be unavailable should we relocate our archives.

The initial light bulb moment was completing a pricing review and deciding to put our contract out to tender. Once we had met Restore Records Management we believed the level of service would go up while still reducing our costs. This proved to be the case.

The team at Restore Records Management addressed our problems by charging a fair price and providing us with a number of contacts, including our account manager, who took us from proposal through to move completion and continues to manage our account. They suggested a steady and effective uplift of 250 files per day, per site, to be moved to just one key secure storage site at Rainham. The move was seamless.

Restore people allayed our solicitors’ fears by detailing the project and introducing us to the key members of the team involved. They kept us informed throughout the process so we were able to pass information on as and when required and it’s a huge credit to Restore that most of our solicitors were unaware we were transferring to a new supplier.

The whole project was completed in four months from June–September 2018 and we continue to use Restore’s services, their systems and software, which work perfectly with our online portal to make day-to-day management of our account much more efficient.

Customer service, from our account manager to behind-the-scenes teams and drivers/operatives, is top class. We are certainly not just a customer number.

We receive fair pricing for excellent service.

Proactive account management helps us control and maintain our storage levels in line with compliance requirements.

The biggest win has been, without doubt, the cost savings we achieved by moving to Restore Records Management.

The fact that we have managed to improve our service levels while saving money has been a huge win for us as a business.

  • 13,000 boxes stored
  • Significant cost savings
  • Dedicated Account Manager


"The personal relationships their team creates before, during and after the relocation process give you a level of trust and belief that your account really matters to them. This engagement enables honesty from both parties, which in turn gives you the best service as an individual customer."

Daniel McDonald, Senior Clerk, Fenwick Elliott LLP

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