Case Studies

Case Studies

Increasing clinical space for gtd healthcare

The customer

When gtd healthcare, a values-driven, not-for-profit provider of innovative healthcare across North West England, wanted to free up space by moving records offsite, Restore Records Management offered the perfect solution.
The organisation provides primary care, urgent care and dental services to patients, their families and communities. And it prides itself, through a social enterprise ethos and a drive to innovate, on making a real difference through its services.

Working with a partner with such passion for its core values set the tone for a project that proved a big success.

Gtd healthcare was looking to move patient records from 12 GP surgeries across Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside, to free up space for patient care and to improve compliance.

Each practice had up to 180 boxes of records stored on-site with, on average, 30 medical files in each box.

Quick and easy access to the records was also an important requirement for the client.

Restore Records Management safely uplifted the records and took them back to highly secure facilities close by in the North West of England.

We then catalogued the records and uploaded details of the inventory onto an internet portal, called Restore Web This enabled each GP practice to find records quickly and then ask for them to be delivered in a short timeframe.

By moving records offsite, every GP Practice taking part in the project was able to free up space. Space that can now be used to improve patient experience.

GP Practices also know exactly what records they are storing and where they can be found, improving compliance. Retrievals are quick, efficient and simple.



• 12 GP Practices
• 30 boxes per site
• Created much needed clinical space

“Our relationship with the Restore Records Management off-site storage division has been very productive and positive. From the initial meetings, to establishing what could be provided, through to the final uplift of records from the practices and ongoing invoicing and record management, the experience has been and is still good. “The pricing structure and quotes given were very clear, enabling us to develop a detailed business case for undertaking the work. “We have found Restore Records Management to be responsive at all stages and where we have experienced challenges at a local level, they have been very understanding and patient. Restore have listened to our feedback and worked co-operatively with us to address any issues that have arisen.”

Senior Projects Development Manager, Paula Vanderpeer, gtd Healthcare

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