Case Studies

Case Studies

Tracking and auditing files for Logoplaste

The customer

Logoplaste was founded in Portugal in 1976 and is now an international corporation producing and innovating in plastic moulding packaging, including market-leading sustainable options.

We spoke to HR Generalist, Ashleigh Garrity-Walker, about a small, but important, job she needed turning round very fast.

“We needed to close down our office in Reading during this incredibly challenging year and we needed help to do so. I wanted a simple process that would result in all the old payroll records being correctly looked after off site, their data protected. It wasn’t a large job – only 29 boxes worth in the end – but I did need it setting up and completing very quickly in order to meet our obligations. This uplift would involve boxing up and transporting all the files from Reading to Leeds, too.

“I hadn’t used off-site storage with Logoplaste before. An experience in a previous job had left me wary of the perceived ‘hassle’ of having to organise and get involved in administering the box contents, eg, sticking stickers on boxes, listing contents, not having obsolete content flagged up for destruction and therefore potentially damaging our compliance credibility.”

“With little experience of off-site storage, the first place to look was online. I liked the Restore Records Management website. It presents the business as being modern and professional, helping allay my perceptions of box storage and management being a little ‘old fashioned’. By the second click I knew Restore was the company for Logoplaste to use. The range of services, the technology for tracking and auditing our records (no more lists or stickers), the high level of security at every stage so there were no gaps in the handling of our data, and a location near us here in Leeds were exactly what I was looking for.

“I filled in the online form and was contacted within the hour. Price, availability and remaining unfazed about the tight timescale were all points in Restore Record Managements favour. The account handler called and emailed when he said he would, organising a contract and the delivery of flatpacked boxes to Reading in double quick time. I liked the can-do, helpful attitude and the company’s flexibility in tailoring their processes to our needs.

“On collection day, the driving team arrived on time – logging every step of the way and observing all the hygiene and social distancing guidelines – and helped us finish packing the pay roll documents before transporting and checking the boxes into their secure Leeds storage facility. From first contact, to agreeing price and contract details, to shipping flatpack archive boxes to the Reading office, to completing the pack and uplift to Leeds, the operation took just five days.”

“I was pleasantly surprised how much technology has moved on in the records management world, making tracking and auditing files and management reporting so much more efficient and compliant.
Restore got the job done – in record time, with no fuss and no stress.

Value for money
I now don’t have to think about the information in those boxes unless I need to access it or destroy it after the statutory period. And then it will be automatically flagged up by Restore’s document management software, and I could choose to dispose of it through their sister business, Restore Datashred. But that’s another story…”

"Efficient. Easy. Exactly what I wanted. Restore Records Management got the job done, even though it was a small number of boxes, and I trust them to look after our information until the end of its statutory shelf life. I was pleasantly surprised how much technology has moved on in the records management world, making tracking and auditing files and management reporting so much more efficient and compliant".

Ashleigh Garrity, Walker, HR Generalist, Logoplaste

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