Case Studies

Case Studies

Speedy delivery and improved inventory management for Plexus Law Ltd

The customer

Plexus Law is a Legal 500 firm specialising in providing the full range of legal services to the insurance industry. They have seven offices, including in London, Liverpool, Leeds,

Manchester and Halifax, and each one has its particular line of work and specific requirements for document management. Restore has been supplying multiple services across the firm since 2010. We asked Richard Humphries, Deputy Head of Facilities, why they continue to use Restore.

“Like many legal firms, we still deal in paper and complex cases can populate an awful lot of the stuff. Naturally, it’s not practical or compliant to try to store records on each of our sites, so we’ve used archive storage for many years. Our business needs are relatively straightforward: we’re keen on speedy service, GPS-tracked vehicles and reliable people, and high levels of security at the archive facility. Also winners for us are smooth systems and the capability to bring several different services, such as storage, scanning and disposal, under one company umbrella – both for audit trail reasons and cost efficiencies.

“So, our situation was this. We were perfectly happy with our previous supplier who offered great logistics and a personal level of service at competitive prices. As our contract with them came towards an end, however, we thought we should invite a number of other document management businesses to tender – not necessarily thinking that those levels of service would be bested.”

“Well, we were mistaken in our thinking! Right from the outset of the negotiations, where Restore Records Management agreed to pick up the considerable costs of uplifting all our archive boxes from the previous supplier, they have proven themselves to be flexible, agile and businessminded – a cut above the rest. “On a business level, our seven sites all have different needs. Restore has real breadth and depth in their offer, meaning that each of our offices can store boxes in a facility near them – great for quick access – and the range of services caters for our differing needs, including storage, shredding and office removals. Our Leeds office uses Restore’s FileTrak software to keep desktop levels of control over tracking, locating and monitoring their records, while most of the other offices log into the online portal for requesting collections, retrievals and keeping tabs on the audit trail. “The majority of our departments use inoffice shredding consoles that are regularly collected and off-site larger-scale shredding and recycling at one of Restore’s many specialist plants. We manage the retention and disposal schedules ourselves as they’re part and parcel of our case management system but we like using Restore’s DataShred service because it keeps costs keen and the secure audit trail ends in a certificate of destruction.”

“On a personal level, it’s the people at Restore who make the biggest difference for us. At the risk of sounding a little over the top, the account management for each of Restore’s divisions is truly first class. Whoever we deal with – from drivers, to warehouse and office teams, to management – across storage, shredding and office removals – they are responsive, quick to tackle and solve issues, they communicate smartly and prove that nothing is ever too much trouble. On the phone we always deal with the same individuals, not a call centre, and are impressed with how well they know us and our business. In short, I trust them and am confident that Restore is the best option for Plexus Law.”

“Restore Records Management  has grown several times over since we first signed our contract with them in 2010 but they still give that personal level of service that we really like as it fits with our own company ethos so well. I find that the level of service has, if anything, been strengthened by having the support of an ever-larger business behind it. They still provide urgent deliveries in London, on the same day if needed, and keep us in the loop about traffic holdups if we are anxiously waiting. We’ve never had any issues of compromised security or missing files that have never been found.

Improved compliance
Speedy delivery of legal files
Excellent customer service from dedicated Account Managers


“Over and above the day-to-day service provision, we’ve also placed a substantial part of the historic wills and probate documents in our care in Restore’s deep storage facility in Wiltshire. The fantastic security and climate control at this amazing underground ex-stone mine near Bath mean these precious documents will be preserved in perpetuity. And for a big positive that has affected my team and me personally, despite an office move scheduled for a Friday, we all got to leave work on time, safe in the knowledge that Restore’s office”. 

Richard Humphries, Deputy Head of Facilities


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