Case Studies

Case Studies

Standardised Records Management for one of the UK’s biggest private healthcare providers

The customer

When a national private healthcare provider wanted a single records management supplier, they chose Restore Records Management.

Previously, each of its 160+ sites had been free to use its own preferred storage provider. But in 2019, the healthcare provider needed a standardised approach to storing and retrieving its patient files. One that could provide all the benefits of a bigger company while providing the personalised service each site needed.
Which is why they chose us.

With over 160 sites across the country, our customer needed a records management partner that could store patient records from John O’Groats to Land’s End. Our UK-wide network of secure storage facilities was just the thing they needed.

But they didn’t want to lose the personal touch. Which is why they were attracted to our account management approach, where a dedicated account manager would devise a personalised service.

For example, a number of sites had previously enjoyed 2-hour emergency deliveries from their suppliers; something they didn’t want to give up, but something we didn’t offer at the time.

Fortunately, we’d already put the work into creating a UK-wide network of sites; our customers are never more than two hours from their local Restore storage facility. And not offering a service doesn’t stop our Relentlessly Resourceful care team; they moved mountains (well, resources) and put processes in place to make sure those sites didn’t lose out on the services they needed! The location was important, wherever HHNF stored their records had to be within 30 miles of the hospital. As well as relocating active patient records, they were also moving staff to an offsite location that was also close to the hospital for HR reasons and public transport. Being environmentally friendly was also a key consideration as well as reducing the risk of transporting patient records.

Our customer doesn’t just cover the country; they also cover a wide range of healthcare services! From gyms to clinics, from offices to hospitals, each site stored very different types of information about its patients. But they needed a single, straightforward way to store that information, and make it easy for any site to retrieve it.
We worked with them to identify the information each file contained and helped catalogue files accordingly. From patient names and dates of birth to IDs and medical information, each file is tagged with the information needed to easily find it.
And this doesn’t just make it easy to retrieve files. By having a thorough cataloguing process in place, we automatically highlight which files our customer isn’t legally required to store anymore. Meaning they meet their legal obligations without spending money on storing files they no longer need!

With over 30 years of experience in records management for the private healthcare sector, we’ve got the clever clogs know-how to help you unlock process efficiencies and save time, money and space.

  • 779,400 files stored across 117,500 boxes
  • Over 160 customer sites UK-wide
  • We cleared 2092.7m2  space for patient care

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