Introducing a greener, in-house solution for tape erasure – thanks to partnership with Insurgo


Restore Records Management is ready to offer customers an end-to-end and eco-friendly solution for tape storage and erasure following a strategic partnership with Insurgo.


Insurgo is renowned for its groundbreaking work in the tape media industry, driven by innovative technologies that have transformed the market. Its data erasure technology utilises a patented magnetic head to thoroughly destroy data along the entire length of the tape, both forwards and backwards.


As a result, Restore Records Management can now provide an entirely in-house service for all types of tape storage, management and disposal. Any tapes stored with Restore Records Management that are no longer required will be erased using Insurgo technology. What sets this technology apart is its ability to erase data without compromising the physical integrity of the tape cassette.


For our customers, this offers the following key benefits:  

Unbroken chain of custody: from the moment your tape arrives in storage with Restore Records Management to the time it is erased, everything is looked after in-house.


Circular economy: by erasing data without destroying the tape, the cassette remains intact, allowing for efficient recycling or resale. This minimises waste and reduces our customers’ carbon footprint.


Sustainability: unlike traditional methods, such as degaussing or shredding, Insurgo’s data erasure technology significantly reduces energy consumption. The shredding of one tape uses 87 times more energy than Insurgo’s erasure process. In fact, leaving a shredder on standby for just one hour uses the same power as processing 45,000 tapes with Insurgo technology.


Data security: Insurgo’s data erasure technology ensures 100% secure data destruction, meets the highest standards of data security and compliance and is forensically proven.

Nigel Dews, Managing Director at Restore Records Management, said:

“As an organisation, we continue to evolve and grow, ensuring that we provide the highest standards of service to our clients while minimising our environmental footprint.

“Our partnership with Insurgo is a major step on this journey, and it aligns seamlessly with our ambition to become a Net Zero organisation by 2035.

“Crucially, it also provides our customers with an entirely in-house solution to tape storage and erasure, delivering an unbroken chain of custody that keeps their data secure.”

Our collaboration with Restore Records Management centres on sustainability, particularly in offering its clients a greener approach to data erasure on tapes. “Restore is dedicated to offering customers a choice of secure, sustainable, and cutting-edge solutions, and we’re delighted to be their chosen partner in achieving this.

Gavin Griffiths, Managing Director at Insurgo.

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