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Royds Withy King

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The Challenge

“We already knew Restore’s ways of working from when we ‘inherited’ them during our company merger three years ago and they couldn’t help but contrast very favourably with our legacy storage suppliers."

“Firstly, there seemed to be a real lack of urgency in replying to any enquiries we sent through on email, even when emailing our account manager directly. Secondly, we realised that we were paying over the odds for storage, even more so when we considered the lack of communication or concern for customer service from the incumbent."

“Fortunately, we didn’t need to employ any tactics to try to improve our legacy supplier’s service levels. We wanted a more efficient, responsive service and knew this could come from moving all our off-site storage to just one supplier. With the customer-focused service and willingness to build a solid working relationship we had received from Dawn, our Business Development Manager, and Elisha, our Administration Manager, it was easy to choose Restore and entrust the entire uplift to them.”

Our Restore experience

“Our solicitors and colleagues rely on a secure, efficient service that provides absolute confidentiality as well as speedy access and uplifting to a new supplier can be a nail biting experience. Much to our relief the process was pain free from Restore’s end. We had just the right level of communication from Dawn when we needed it, while Restore’s operations team took care to ensure it was a smooth relocation. The only issue we had was from the outgoing supplier not providing all the information on the storage held with them – which Restore resolved simply by asking them to export it through their online portal to Restore’s."

“On a separate note, our experience working with Restore is made more meaningful because our companies share similar values, particularly around corporate social responsibility. For example, Dawn has been an advocate in trying to win some sponsorship for one of our charity treks up Kilimanjaro, which I believe reflects well on Restore’s company values of giving something back to the community.”

Our Results

  • Restore makes us feel looked after and appreciated as a client, whereas our old supplier viewed us as just a number
  • We have a direct, responsive contact who knows our concerns
  • We feel our future projects are in good hands
  • All our stored archiving is housed with just one company, making sending and reordering boxes much simpler and more secure for everyone
  • Restore’s competitive, transparent pricing has enabled us to make a cost saving.

Business Sector

Royds Withy King


Top 100 legal firm, Royds Withy King, has offices in London, Bath, Oxford, Swindon and Marlborough. Their ethos is built around putting their clients first, by looking ahead and finding solutions. Facilities Manager, Luke Gillespie, explains why moving their entire document archive to be stored with Restore was the right move.

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From general day-to-day queries with boxes to the full uplift of boxes from another provider, the support we get is second to none.

Luke Gillespie Facilities Manager, Royds Withy King LLP