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WEEE recycling services, fully compliant and environmentally friendly.





About our IT recycling services


We offer a range of IT recycling services to meet the different needs of our customers. These range from collecting and disposing of old equipment for small businesses, to carrying out total data destruction for the MOD.

If you are not sure which service you require, feel free to drop us a message and we can guide you to the best solution. The majority of our work comes from long term, repeat customers, so you can rest assured that we will work hard to find the service which works for you.

Otherwise scroll down to find more details about our various IT recycling services!




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If you have over 20 items that need collecting, we may be able to collect them free of charge. This is a flexible, no-fuss IT equipment collection service can be used for assets ranging from mobile phone handsets to desktops, laptops and everything in between. Generally any items which have a plug or require a battery.



Our blue box is a tidy and convenient solution for your IT recycling. We deliver it to your site, you gradually fill it with redundant equipment and we'll collect it when full. It can store electrical equipment from office machinery to appliances, cables and more.



If your unwanted IT assets still have value, we can remarket them to achieve their maximum value, before delivering a rebate to you. We will collect when convenient, ensure all data is wiped and then reintroduce them to market. Depending on the quality of the assets, their resale value can range from offsetting the service costs to delivering a significant monetary rebate.



We are experts in data destruction. When recycling kit we will always guarantee that any data is completely erased, and for our more security conscious clients we offer various physical destruction services for that extra peace of mind.







Case study - IT recycling solution for telecomms giant


Our client, a major UK telecommunications company, with an IT estate of over 70,000 users, disposes of circa 22,500 IT peripherals per year. An inefficient WEEE collection and recycling process was causing problems for the company stakeholders. Under pressure to measurably reduce the cost and environmental impact of this vital service, our client went to market looking for an innovative and effective solution to their problem.


Read Case Study





Free collection for your IT recycling


Our free IT recycling service is very simple. If you have over 20 items, we will endeavour to collect them from your premises free of charge. In order to facilitate the free service, we operate a 'round robin' collection schedule, unfortunately this may not be possible in all geographic locations.

This service is compliant and documented, you can rest assured that you have met your obligations for ethical IT recycling. Once received, we will ensure any data is completely wiped, and then where possible we will work to reintroduce the assets to market.

Where remarketing is not possible, we will ensure the assets are recycled to the highest level. We never export waste to developing countries, and we operate a zero to landfill policy.

We believe in a circular economy, and giving assets a new life is the best way to minimise waste and environmental impact.








free collection it recycling





blue box



'Blue Box' IT recycling service


Our 'Blue Box' IT recycling service is designed to be an easy and compliant solution for your IT recycling requirements. For an initial delivery cost, we will come to your premises to deposit your Blue Box. Designed to remain on your site for long periods (up to 180 days), you simply contact us when the box is full and we'll come to collect the contents, leaving the box in place for your next clear out. Should you wish to terminate the service for any reason we will simply remove the box.

The Blue Box provides a generous 1m³ which is sufficient for approximately 10 complete computer systems, with four printers, cables and keyboards. Data destruction can be ordered along with asset management reporting which provides you with detailed information of contents.






Money back for your IT recycling


If your outgoing assets have residual value, we can remarket them to extract their maximum possible value. This can offset the cost of the collection and data wiping, or even allow you to earn a net profit following the service. Many companies hold onto their assets long after they become redundant, during which time their residual value can plummet. If you have unwanted assets don't hesitate to dispose of them - get in touch and we will let you know if we can remarket them for you.

The service includes collection and tracking of your assets, which can range from desktops to laptops, mobile phones and everything in between. We collect at a time that suits you, and we provide full certification, meaning you have an audit trail for each and every item.






money back for unwanted IT





it recycling and destruction



IT destruction


We prefer to use physical erasure to destroy data on the devices we process, this is the most eco-friendly IT recycling service as it allows us to remarket the assets and often return a rebate to our clients. When using this method we guarantee complete destruction - devices are verified after erasure and any devices failing verification undergo immediate physical destruction.

However, we understand that some of our customers prefer the greater peace of mind that comes from the secure physical destruction of their data bearing devices.

As industry experts in data destruction, we can destroy IT assets on or off-site, using a variety of methods. These range from degaussing to punching, through to shredding. We work with clients up to the very highest levels of security - and guarantee to meet the security policy of any company.








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   Quick tips for responsible IT recycling


Choose an accredited ITAD provider

We strongly recommend working with an ITAD provider for your IT recycling. They will be able to recommend the best solution for you, whilst ensuring your data is protected as well as the environment.

Your provider should be highly accredited, with certifications to show that they have had audits carried out on their services and have been found to meet all required criteria. Their accreditations should demonstrate a commitment to data security, environmental care and overall quality standards.

They should be highly experienced, ideally with a history of working with similar companies to your own, keep an eye out for case studies and other information about their previous work.

Check that their services are suitable for you

These are the services which should be available to you.

  • Secure collection of your assets using GPS tracked vehicles (or on-site IT destruction if preferred)
  • An inventory report outlining what was collected
  • Complete data erasure using certified processes (or physical destruction if preferred)
  • If your outgoing IT does not need to be fully destroyed, the ITAD provider may be able to offer a remarketing service, first wiping all data from the devices then reselling them before returning a rebate to you 

Ensure your outgoing IT is fully erased

Simple deletion of files from a device does not ensure the data is removed. Such a process only removes the pointers to tell you where the data is being held, and not necessarily the data itself.

A reputable ITAD provider will use certified, industry-approved erasure tools to overwrite all sectors of a data storage device, until verification tests confirm that 100% data erasure has been achieved.

This is the ideal solution, as the device is left intact and ready for reuse, helping both the environment and allowing you to earn a rebate on its resale.

However for those who are more security conscious, a good ITAD provider will be able to offer a physical destruction service, either on or off-site. Such destruction can include degaussing, punching and shredding.

Collect and keep your documentation

Finally, your ITAD provider will provide you with documentation for your IT recycling services, which you should keep together to help satisfy your regulatory and audit requirements.

Following these processes will ensure that your IT disposal is carried out smoothly and with utmost security. Such services can’t be entrusted to non-professionals without significantly increasing your organisation’s risk of a breach. However a good ITAD will work with you to achieve the best solution for you, and this can be easily repeated as required in the future when you need to dispose of your IT.