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Compliant & eco- friendly
IT recycling


Industry-leading IT recycling services for businesses across the UK.


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Our IT Recycling Essential Service

With our IT recycling essential service we will collect your unwanted IT, free of charge for over 20 items, responsibly recycle them and provide certification

Our IT Recycling Blue Box Service

With our IT recycling blue box service we will deliver your Blue Box. Gradually fill it up, let us know when it's full and we'll come and collect for you

About our IT recycling services

Our IT recycling services are environmentally friendly and compliant with all regulations. If you have unwanted IT in your office and would like to quickly and securely clear it, we can come and remove it for you, free of charge if over 20 items. For a longer-term solution we have our Blue Box service, which involves us coming to your site and depositing the box either inside or outside your premises. We leave it with you until you have filled it before collecting the assets and disposing of them for you. 



IT recycling collection services

The benefits of using an IT recycling company



We have designed our recycling services to make your life easier. Once we've collected your IT assets we'll give you the documentation you need and then begin the recycling process.



Correctly recycling WEEE products can be a tricky process, however we are highly experienced and have all the facilities required to ensure we are fully compliant with all recycling & IT disposal regulations.



We operate a strict zero to landfill policy and always ensure that the IT assets we collect are dealt with in a manner which creates minimal environmental impact.


Space saving

IT assets can take up a surprising amount of space, often building up gradually until your storage rooms are overflowing. Whether you need an IT relocation service or just looking to recycle redundant equipment our service ensures the compliant and environmentally friendly handling of your unwanted IT assets, allowing you to free up space for other things.