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Maximise the value of your old IT assets

Struggling with outdated IT equipment?

Every business accumulates IT assets over time. As technology evolves, these assets become redundant, creating a challenge: how to dispose of them securely, sustainably, and cost-effectively. Traditional disposal methods can be expensive, raise security concerns, and contribute to e-waste.

Restore Technology rethinks IT asset value recovery. We offer the best possible return on every asset we process, thanks to our scale, capability, and experience. We specialise in IT asset value recovery, helping businesses like yours extract maximum value from their end-of-life IT equipment. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond simple disposal.

Here's what sets Restore Technology apart:

Unmatched Scale:

With a network of processing sites across the UK, we handle over 1.6 million assets annually, reselling a staggering 500,000 units. This vast capacity allows us to leverage economies of scale to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Unparalleled Capability:

Our Centers of Excellence are equipped to handle a wide range of IT equipment, from everyday user devices to specialised Apple products and complex network infrastructure like routers, switches, and servers.

Unmatched Experience:

Our dedicated team of combined experience in re-marketing and e-commerce. This depth of knowledge allows us to make the most informed decisions for every single asset we process, ensuring you receive the highest possible return.

Our tailored approach ensures we leverage our expertise to deliver the lowest cost of ownership for your IT estate.

How IT asset value recovery works

We want to deliver the best possible value for every IT asset that passes through our processes, and we achieve this by assessing every item on its own merit, and applying a four-stage process to establish the right option for each.

Stage 1: Assessment

Our journey begins with a meticulous assessment of each IT asset. Highly trained technicians utilise a multi-point inspection process to thoroughly evaluate the device’s functionality, cosmetic condition, and technical specifications. This detailed evaluation allows us to assign an accurate grade using industry-standard benchmarks. Our transparent grading system ensures fair market value for your assets, fostering trust and confidence throughout the IT asset disposition process.

Stage 2: We establish current value

Once each asset is graded, our team of market specialists goes to work. Leveraging real-time market data and historical trends, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of current resale values for your specific equipment. This in-depth research allows us to determine the most profitable path for each asset. We ensure you receive the highest possible return.



Stage 3: Augmentation

In some cases, we may identify opportunities to further enhance the value of your assets. Our team of technicians can perform cost-effective upgrades to specific components, such as adding additional RAM or upgrading graphics cards. This strategic augmentation can significantly increase the resale value of specific assets, particularly those in high demand. We will always present a clear cost-benefit analysis before recommending any augmentation services, ensuring you have complete control over the process.


Stage 4: The right channel at the right time

Our knowledgeable, expert re-marketing teams will assess each asset and, depending on how they are graded, channel each item either through higher volume, lower-grade, routes for re-sale outside Europe, or to low volume, higher-grade channels through our European partnerships. Where we believe an asset will achieve at least a 30% premium over trade prices, we route it through our e-commerce platforms. This route also works well for specific components, and for Apple devices and parts.


By choosing Restore Technology, you can be confident that your IT assets are handled with the utmost care and expertise.

We are committed to providing a secure, sustainable, and financially rewarding solution for your IT asset disposal needs. Ready to learn more?

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