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IT disposal services
for the legal sector

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Leading IT disposal for the legal sector


At Restore Technology we understand the importance of efficiency and confidentiality in the legal industry, and have worked with many of the UK’s leading legal firms to ensure their data is secure.

The issue of data security is of particular importance in the legal sector due to the volume of data kept on file, and regulations such as the GDPR can seem daunting in their scope and potential repercussions. This need not be the case however, as meeting these regulations can be a relatively simple manner.

Choosing an ITAD (IT asset disposition) provider is an important step, as these companies will work with you to ensure your old or unwanted IT assets are cleared of data, before either reintroducing them to market or recycling them if required.





secure it disposal for law firms



On-site or off-site
Secure, compliant, tracked

We also provide full WEEE recycling.




Track your assets
Improve your processes

We also offer IT refreshes
and secure storage.



Money back for your IT
Simple & eco friendly

For older assets, try our
IT recycling service,



Any size & scale
UK and Europe

We also move servers
and data centres.





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How to dispose of your IT safely


To ensure the security of your assets, you need to choose a reputable ITAD provider. These services cannot be carried out informally without real risk of data breaches. A good ITAD company will be able to offer data destruction services on or off site, and will be able to collect your assets in secure, GPS tracked vehicles, whilst providing documentation so you can track your assets throughout the process. They will also provide certificates of destruction to help you meet your regulatory requirements.


Another reason to work with a good ITAD provider is the peace of mind that your IT equipment is being handled in the most environmentally friendly manner. For example at Restore Technology we work hard to ensure none of our assets go to landfill and we also make use of solar power and smart lighting to carry out our services sustainably.

We also have the capacity to provide custom sustainability reports for our customers, using our Streams® platform to discover the environmental benefits of your IT reuse and recycling, such as how much you’ve recycled in kg or how many waste toxins you’ve diverted. These accomplishments can then be shared with staff and customers

Value for money

Finally, ITAD companies can also deliver a return on your outgoing assets, if the assets are relatively new and in good condition. Our customers are often surprised by the residual value stored within their unneeded equipment, and are frequently able to earn a profit on their collection at the end of the agreement.




About us


We are the UK's leading ITAD provider, operating some of the most advanced facilities in our industry. We are highly secure, and offer a range of highly cost-effective IT solutions.





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Restore Technology provided highly experienced staff who were able to set up the new desk spaces with the absolute minimum disruption.


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