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Sustainable end of life IT services

Remarketing and recycling services for no longer-needed assets.

What we do

IT recycling

As the UK's largest provider of IT lifecycle services, we strive for our processes to be as sustainable as possible. We aim to refurbish assets and give them a new life, negating the need for manufacturing new assets. Where an asset has no residual value, we’ll divert it to our specialist recycling facility to recover elements.


Anything not suitable for resale will be sent to our Bristol facility, which is highly accredited for electrical waste processing. Assets are disassembled so each component can be recycled.


All components are separated into their various waste streams. Each must be recycled in the correct manner in order to reclaim materials and protect the environment.


Components are sent to our carefully vetted recycling partners, who will reclaim their materials, from copper to plastic to gold!

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Sustainable end of life IT services

Restore Technology offers IT asset remarketing services, vital for both our clients and the circular economy. By safeguarding data and maximizing asset value, we contribute to environmental sustainability. According to the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, a staggering 53.6 million tonnes of electronic waste was produced in 2019, with only 17.4% collected for recycling. This resulted in 98 metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents emitted into the atmosphere. Leveraging the Waste Hierarchy, Restore refurbishes assets, mitigating carbon emissions and unlocking their full value.

ESG strategy

Restore has a strong zero to landfill commitment, meaning that when we collect your end of life assets our first choice is to try and refurbish and resell the product, by far the greenest solution with the lowest carbon footprint. Where this isn’t possible we look to recycle all the parts of the asset to be reused. In 2021 Restore Technology prevented 1.36 million assets from entering the waste stream with the support of our customers. Our services play an important part in our customers’ ESG strategies. That is why we have invested in our customer portal Streams®, which provides our customers with their ESG statistics for every service we provide for them.

Remarketing services

Often when a company gets in touch with us for IT disposal, we find that their outgoing assets still have residual value. Instead of recycling these assets, the most environmentally friendly approach is to refurbish them and reintroduce them to market. The assets get a second life, and we can use the revenue generated from the sale to offset the cost of the service. Frequently these assets will sit in storage for months and years before a decision on their future is made. In that time, their residual value is likely to fall dramatically. Once we’ve erased all data, we’ll augment, grade and choose the best channel to remarket your IT assets and achieve the highest resale possible. Or we can donate it to charity.



Our recycling processes involve segregating assets into their waste streams before they are sent to vetted, specialised downstream waste partners for material reclamation.


Your equipment will be tracked through the entire process, and a full destruction report for all assets wil be provided once complete.


Our services are compliant with all security and environmental standards, giving you complete peace of mind.


Our economies of scale allow us to process large quantities of assets whilst keeping costs down. Our remarketing team can also provide rebates for equipment which still holds value.

Fill in our form or give us a call, and we'll let you know if the assets are likely to be saleable.

If so, we can visit your premises to collect your assets, identifying and tagging each and every item. We'll transport them to one of our secure facilities where any data-bearing devices will be securely wiped of all data.

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