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Using a document scanning service will save your organisation time, help you stay compliant and improve your security

Our document scanning solutions are designed to keep your records safe, reduce the risk of lost files, support your organisation to go paperless, improve your digital document management, save you time spent looking for paper documents, better utilise physical office space, and ensure business continuity. No matter your work model – whether WFH, hybrid or in office – your team can all have access to your records.

Document Scanning Benefits

  • Keep your records safe
  • Reduce the risk of lost files
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Better utilise physical office space
  • Improve your digital document management
  • Save you time spent looking for paper documents
  • Elevate your data ready for AI and LLM's
  • Support your organisation to go paperless

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Archive Scanning Services

Learn about our archive scanning services at Restore Digital and discover how we can help you digitise your records and remove your unwanted paper records.

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Bulk Scanning

Explore our bulk document scanning services and learn how Restore Digital can help modernise your record keeping by bulk scanning and digitising documents. 

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Medical Records Scanning

Discover Restore Digital’s medical records scanning capabilities. Our medical record scanning services are used by 85% of NHS organisations.

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Lloyd George Scannning

Modernise your patients’ Lloyd George notes and records with Lloyd George scanning from Restore Digital.

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Microfiche and Microfilm Scanning

Specialty scanning of fiche and film products.

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Live File Scanning

Find out about Restore Digital’s live file scanning service and how we can help scan-on-demand to digitise your archives, as well as safely store your documents.

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Find out about our quick, simple and reliable scanning service. Document digitisation made straightforward.

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Non Destructive Book Scanning

Explore our non destructive book scanning service and learn how Restore Digital can produce high quality scans of your books whilst keeping them intact.

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Delicate & Fragile Document Scanning

Find out about our scanning old document service and how we can help digitise your delicate or damaged documents with our fragile document scanning.

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Document Scanning FAQs

Document scanning with Restore is simple. Our advisors can help you to understand what you need and we’ll arrange to collect the documents from you and prepare them for scanning. We’ll then digitise them in the agreed format so they can be returned to you electronically, either via our secure online portal, or securely transferred to you to import into your own systems.

Using document scanning services helps keep your files safe, secure and compliant as you move towards digitisation and becoming a paperless office. Our document scanning solutions can help save you time spent searching for specific files, improve your approach to document management and reduce the risk of files being lost. Read more about the benefits of document scanning.

How long document scanning will take depends on the number of files being digitised and how they will be received. Restore Digital can handle anything from a few boxes to very large volumes, either as one-off jobs or via our Mailroom services. Document scanning can take as little as a few days for archive scanning, or a few hours for Mailroom services. The Restore Digital team will let you know what to expect when you contact us for your quote.

Typically, we’ll ask you to prepare documents for scanning by making sure they’re correctly packed in boxes (which we can supply), and that any files needing to be separated are clearly identified. We’ll then do the rest; when we receive the files, they’ll be prepared for scanning by our team, including removing staples, unfolding corners and performing minor repairs to ensure good quality scanned images.

There are several options to keep your paper files secure or to destroy them safely once they’ve been digitised. Many of our customers also use our secure storage or secure shredding services. We can store your paper documents safely while remaining compliant with all necessary legislation or destroy them securely to support you to reduce your reliance on paper documents.

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