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Managing Inbound and Outbound Mail in Your Business Can Be a Tricky Task

Paper, emails and mobile messages can be difficult to keep on top of when every department has its own processes and ways of working – this is where a digital mailroom can come in.

Tasks like repetitive admin and manual data entry across your business can lead to a lack of motivation in your teams, frustration for your customers, and can significantly impact on the bottom line of your business’ efficiency and profitability. That’s why using outsourced Digital Mailroom services makes so much sense.

Digital Mailroom Benefits

  • Access to your mail no matter where you're working – WFH, Hybrid or in the Office
  • Stress-free business comms with mailroom and workflow automation
  • Better data security and compliance for your business
  • A more empowered workforce free from unnecessary admin tasks
  • Improve your environmental impact by going digital

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Digital Mailroom Services and Add-ons


Discover a Digital Mailroom service that scans and sorts your physical mail and then uploads digital versions of it to your workflow automation software or delivers them through a secure online portal.

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Outbound Mail

Learn how Restore Digital can help you manage your post by digitising outbound mail from your company. We can take care of all your hybrid mailing requirements.

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Omnichannel Digital Mailrooms

Learn about the benefits of an Omnichannel Digital Mailroom with Restore Digital. An Omnichannel Digital Mailroom delivers all your communications from one place.

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Print and Outbound Mail

Find out how our Mailroom solutions can address the challenges of outbound printed communications – we combine print, mail sorting, data management and personalisation.

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Digital Cheque Processing

Find out about Restore Digital’s digital cheque processing service and discover how we can help you send and receive funds quicker and with less hassle.

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Emergency Digital Mailroom

An Emergency Digital Mailroom outsources all of your post to an alternative location where your mail is sorted and scanned and then sent digitally to your business.

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Digital Mailroom FAQs

A digital mailroom is a software-based system that can be used to open, sort and scan inbound mail, as well as to manage the flow of outbound mail. Specialist software is a big part of this, but our expert digital mailroom team also play a key role in opening and sorting mail. Digital mailroom solutions can help organisations to streamline both their internal and external communications, saving time spent on administrative tasks and improving workflows.

Our digital mailroom software doesn’t just digitise your mail. We can automate your manual processes so you can get your business comms moving faster across your entire organisation. Whether you’re looking to join up comms across departments, or offload the burden of expensive in-house mailroom management, we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Digital Mailroom Journey

There are a range of digital mailroom benefits, but one of the biggest factors is time saving. The delivery process is much faster due to the removal of manual sorting and physical delivery. The communication process between clients, customers and staff is also much quicker and allows operations to run more smoothly.

There is also greater data security and accessibility with a digital mailroom. All your documents are available in one place with secure access and there is no risk of losing physical copies of important documents.

Digital mailrooms are significantly more effective than traditional systems for managing business communications. When you choose digital mailroom management, you can expect to save a significant amount of time in terms of mail administration. What’s more, streamlining your workflow with digital-first comms will improve your internal processes, which can again save time and increase your business efficiency.

For lower-volume and simple requirements, we can usually have a SimplyMail digital mailroom up and running, ready to receive your mail within 5 working days.

For more complex or large-scale volumes, we can work with you to understand your mail and will advise on the most suitable solution. Our teams are experienced in handling mail for some of the UK’s largest organisations and will liaise with you to understand your requirements and how best to provide the service. In many cases, we can get a mailroom up and running within weeks.

We can adapt the service as we identify areas that will add value to you and your customers, whether this is through automating the capture of information from documents, identity verification, digital routing, workflow or even process automation.

The cost of setting up a digital mailroom will vary depending on your organisation’s specific requirements, and whether you choose to use our digital mailroom software to manage both your inbound and outbound comms, or just one. Contact us today to learn more or get a quote.

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