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Restore Technology: Your Trusted Partner for E-Waste Recycling & Data Security (Formerly PRM Green, CDL, Euro Recycling, IT Efficient)

We’re thrilled to announce that throughout the last number of years, Restore Technology has successfully acquired several companies PRM Green Technologies, Computer Disposals Limited (CDL), Euro Recycling Limited, and IT Efficient. This strategic expansion strengthens our position as a leader in electronic waste recycling and data security, allowing us to offer a wider range of services and even greater expertise.

Existing Customers:

If you were previously a customer of PRM Green Technologies, CDL, Euro Recycling, or IT Efficient, your accounts and service have seamlessly transitioned to Restore Technology. You can expect the same high level of service and commitment to responsible IT asset disposal and data security that you’ve come to rely on.

New Inquiries:

For all new inquiries, please feel free to contact a member of our friendly Restore Technology sales team. We’re happy to discuss your specific needs and answer any questions you may have

We look forward to working with you!

PRM Green Technologies

PRM Green Technologies, a leader in sustainable waste management, joined the Restore Technology family in 2021. They brought a wealth of experience in on-site organic waste processing and a commitment to environmentally responsible solutions. This integration strengthens our ability to offer a comprehensive suite of services that address both electronic waste recycling and organic waste disposal needs, promoting a greener future for all.

Computer Disposals Limited (CDL)

Computer Disposals Limited (CDL) became part of the Restore Technology family in 2021. They were renowned for their secure and certified IT asset disposal services, specialising in data erasure and responsible electronic waste recycling. With CDL’s expertise on board, we’ve expanded our data security offerings and continue to prioritise the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of electronic equipment.

Euro Recycling Limited

Euro Recycling Limited, a trusted name in e-waste processing was accquired by Restore Technology in 2020. They brought a robust infrastructure for large-scale electronic waste recycling and a focus on responsible material recovery. This strategic partnership allows us to handle even the most voluminous e-waste projects efficiently, ensuring maximum resource recovery and minimal environmental impact. Euro Recycling’s facilities adhered to the strictest security protocols.

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