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Think Shred,
Think Home Shred...

Making the management of confidential waste easy for our customers who work from home.

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Just because you and your colleagues are spending more time working from home shouldn’t mean you let data protection compliance slip.

Introducing Home Shred

Home Shred is a brand new service offering businesses and employees the ability to shred confidential waste while working from home. It's a simple and cost-effective shredding service, supported by the same secure processes and accreditations as our normal shredding service. including our commitment to sustainability and support from our customer services team.

What is Home Shred?

It’s a service based around a robust corrugated card document box that acts as a kind of secure recycling bin. It’s double-walled for extra strength and security, and holds up to 2.5kgs or the equivalent of 700 pieces of A4 paper on or next to your homeworker’s workstation.

Once the box is full you simply need to seal it and take it to your local Post Office and on its pre-paid postage, it will travel to one of our Restore Datashred secure depots. On the same day, our high tech shredding machines will destroy all of it – confidential information, box and all – and process 100% of it for recycling.


Secure - Keeping your data secure and reducing the likelihood of a data breach

Compliant - Ensuring your confidential data is destroyed in line with industry standards

Complete - Providing individuals and businesses with a full end to end service they can trust


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Your Data’s Security Guaranteed

- Secure destruction in line with security standard EN15713
- Certificate of destruction issued and viewable on our customer portal
- Secure track-and-trace next day delivery, through Parcelforce
- Shredded on the day of arrival at our Restore Datashred destruction centre
- All shredding carried out by fully vetted teams
- Comprehensive professional indemnity insurance cover included

How does Home Shred work?

It’s a simple, four-step service.

  1. Choose how many Home Shred boxes you require and order them from Your box will be with you in 48 hours.
  2. Fill the Home Shred box with confidential paper waste.
  3. One filled, take the securely sealed Home Shred box to your local Post Office where, on pre-paid postage, it will travel to one of our secure shredding facilities.
  4. Our high-tech shredding machines will destroy all of it – confidential information, box and all – on the day of arrival, and process 100% of it for recycling.


It’s a no fuss, no mess solution, with built-in audit trail and a certificate of destruction for each and every box.


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