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Remote working how to stay compliant
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Remote working how to stay compliant

With so many people now working from home, we can help you stay compliant with secure data destruction.

On average, the UK has anywhere between 1.3 and 1.5 million people regularly working from home. In our current COVID-19 reality, that figure has practically quadrupled, and many of our customers are now set up in box rooms, garden sheds, on dining tables, in a living room – wherever is most plausible in a ‘working from home’ scenario.

As we all know, this is an ever- and fast-changing scenario and we don’t know for how long we may need to operate in this isolated, but still connected, way. During this time you will produce data at the same rate as ever, but what should you do about keeping it confidential, given that you’re working from a box room/garden shed/dining table/living room?

Does this mean your data security should change?

In short, no. Absolutely not.

All legislation is still in place and to prevent problems storing up for further down the line, we recommend that all our customers continue to adhere to it. This means being aware, and taking care, of any confidential information you either use or generate – whether that’s business continuity planning, financial projections, letters to your own clients, emails to suppliers – and ensuring you don’t leave it lying around so that it, at best, ends up in your household recycling box.

We have a suggestion

Here at Restore Datashred, we continue to run our data destruction business to the same ‘Excellent’ (Trustpilot) standards as we always do, operating our fleet of high security vehicles and destroying customer data on a daily basis. We’re doing this with additional and robust precautions built in (see below), to reassure both customer and employee that we take your health, as well as your data security, very seriously. 

Here’s what we propose:

· We can supply our Datashred paper sacks to your employees, at home, for them to fill with obsolete paper and digital data on a regular basis.

· We will arrange a secure collection time, observing all the COVID-19 distancing requirements.

· We will transport all filled sacks to the closest Datashred facility for prompt destruction, and follow it up by sending you an emailed certificate of destruction for your records.

Whatever your shredding needs, we are operating our business to the same high standards of security and confidentiality as ever – now with all the added anti-viral precautions you would expect from us.

For more information about our personalised homeworking service, why not speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team on 0800 376 4422.

Keeping you and our teams safe: COVID-19

We are working strictly within Government guidelines and we regularly update our procedures and processes to remain completely aligned with them. Here are the measures you can expect from us:

· All our drivers maintain a 2m distance between while collecting from you and when inside our shredding centres.
· Our crews are just one person, until further notice.
· No PDA signature is required. Our drivers will maintain their distance and ask for your initials to type into their device.
· Where possible, please place filled sacks in a secure, central location for collection, so our drivers do not have to unnecessarily walk on your floors.
· Please help our driver to maintain the 2m physical distancing.
· All our drivers wear appropriate PPE and use hand sanitisers regularly throughout the day.
· Vehicles are disinfected every day.
· Drivers’ starting times are staggered to help them maintain the 2m distance between colleagues.
· To reduce non-essential travel, all our office-based employees are continuing to work and serve our customers from home.