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What are the Document Shredding Options for Your Business?

As a business you have responsibilities.  One of those is to your clients and their sensitive data – which is anything from their name and address to bank or card details and more.

Under the Data Protection Act, it is very clear that steps are required to stop this information falling into the wrong hands.  At the heart of these protections is document shredding but what options are there for your business? And how does it solve your problems?

World Book Day: Recycling matters


So, on this World Book Day, where it’s claimed that parents probably spend more on kitting out their children in book character-related costumes than on actually buying a book – the original intention of the day – how about we spare a thought for the volume of raw materials that go into manufacturing books?


Times when your Business will need a Confidential Shredding Company


For just about every business in the UK, the risk of confidential data loss has become one of the most important challenges to face. Hardly a day goes past where you hear of a large company suffering a data breach, but where you may believe that these large corporations are going to be the main target for cyber hackers, data miners and identity theft criminals, it is just as important for small and medium sized businesses to ensure the security of the data that they possess.