Security sacks and ties

Security Sacks and Ties

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Restore Datashred secure sacks and ties

In order to ensure that your confidential data is stored safely and securely at your premises, we can provide you with a variety of security sacks and ties. These products are ideal for storing confidential paper in between our regular paper shredding service

When it comes to collection and storage sacks, we offer our customers two options: fully reusable or fully recyclable.

Hessian shredding sacks

This heavy-duty sack comes with numbered security ties for audit trail purposes and, once full of paper waste, is easily moved swiftly and securely to our local depot for complete destruction of its contents.

Reusable sacks are manufactured from a heavy-duty poly woven material – what we call ‘hessian’, these are Sacks that can pass through the blades of our shredding machines, whether mobile or in our depot.

Security printed shredding sacks

A super-secure way of dealing with your confidential data.

Our all new security printed shredding paper sacks can hold around 12.5kg of confidential data for shredding and recycling. The beauty of this system is that, once the sack is full and sealed shut, the whole item and its contents can be put into our shredders, without the sack having to be opened.

Our security printed shredding sacks offer:

  • A 3 way security seal to help prevent tampering.
  • Sack proof security spotting, adding an additional layer of security to your confidential data.
  • Individual tracking codes, ensuring your confidential data is tracked from collection to destruction.


Restore shredding

Restore shredding

What Our Customers Say About Us

“The staff in the office were friendly, helpful and prompt in placing our order. The onsite staff were quick, efficient and exceeded our expectations. Furthermore, they provided all the relevant data protection paperwork to ensure that the data was destroyed according to the relevant regulations. If you want a quick, professional, good value and safe way to shred your paperwork I would highly recommend them.”

Kent Hospital

Kent Hospital is a large medical facility employing over 600 people. The General Services Manager asked for our help in devising an efficient and secure method for managing huge volumes of confidential waste paper.

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Ward Hadaway

Ward Hadaway, one of the largest full service law firms in the North of England, achieves compliance with the destruction requirements of the Data Protection Act by shredding all of their confidential waste with Restore Datashred.

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Ministry of Defence

Huge amounts of material are designated for safe disposal each week. We were asked to improve efficiency and security measures at four MOD sites in central London on behalf of Amey.


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Providing counterfeit product and media destruction services to FACT, the Federation Against Copyright Theft, is a testament to how the security and efficiency of our services results in large organisations trusting our business.

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Serious about Standards

We use best practice standards at all times, and this is reflected in the accreditations we have achieved, making us one of the UK's most accredited confidential shredding services.