A late spring clean

Spring has been a late developer this year, with the first rays of warm sun only really breaking cover in the past couple of weeks, so urging a late spring clean feels apt.

On a serious note, of course, ensuring all the personal data you control is under control is the key. Obsolete paper documents from archives, meetings, HR, accounts, old marketing collateral, exam papers, and application forms can all carry personal information about individuals that you must, by law, care for securely until it is destroyed.

When we start to think about all the materials, apart from paper, that we don’t want anyone to get their hands on, we can include ID cards, memory sticks, CDs, uniforms, laptops, prototypes, old stock, and all manner of electronic devices on that list.

All these, and more, you can place in your Restore Datashred shredding waste streams. We can supply streamlined secure cabinets & consoles, enclosed cardboard box bins, and secure shredding bins ranging in size from a compact 140L bins to, frankly, a colossal 660L bin. All are lockable, all keep your personal information and items safe and secure until one of our secure collection operatives comes – on a regular schedule or at a time to suit you – to transport it to our nearest shredding facility.

And the beauty of using a professional shredding company like Restore Datashred to dispose of all your no-longer-needed materials is that we will reduce them to small fragments, or into components, and send them to our trusted recycling partners, all under a secure chain of custody – for your complete peace of mind.

Should I set up separate streams for different materials?


That way, we will be able to process each stream appropriately, always aiming to send everything we shred to a specialist recycler for re-use, and certainly not burying it in landfill.

We suggest streams as follows:

Paper and card – including documents, files, Lever Arch files, folders, plans, maps, etc. No need to remove staples or paperclips, not even bulldog clips, we will do that for you.

Textiles – such as uniforms from work, school or other organisations, prototypes, and old stock.

Electronic devices – laptops, tablets, mobile phones

Enjoy your spring cleaning. We look forward to hearing from you on 0333 060 0474 to talk through your clear-out shredding needs. Thank you!

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