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6 Tips for a Clutter-Free Office
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6 Tips for a Clutter-Free Office


There’s a lot said about decluttering our homes, removing things we no longer use and streamlining our belongings.  These same principles can also be applied to our workspaces and many businesses are looking to go for a clutter-free office.  But how can you approach this while still maintaining document security and data safety?


Why clutter is a problem


There are lots of reasons why clutter builds up.  It may be that the business doesn’t have the right storage for all the paperwork and other items that it requires.  It may be that staff don’t have adequate storage in their workspace. Or maybe that processes such as handling paper shredding aren’t working well.


The key to decluttering the workspace is to take a look at what the clutter is and what can be done about it.  And there are real benefits – over 80% of workforces say they feel more productive when they have a streamlined, clutter-free office.  And interior designers say that people even make better decisions when their workspace is free from clutter.


Tips for a clutter-free office


So how can businesses look to improve the office, reduce clutter and make staff feel happier and more productive?  Here are some tips.


1. Clear the desks

Having a clear desk might seem a nice but not essential thing.  However, there are several reasons to consider it. For starters, a cluttered desk can make you feel like you have too much to do and increase stress.  It can make things harder to find. And stats show that 55% of theft in the workplace occurs from the desk – so storing confidential data or even personal stuff is important.


2. Look at all workplace items

Over time, the workplace accumulates stuff just like our homes do.  You end up with two kettles because someone brought one in, but no-one recycled the old one.  There’s two staplers for every member of staff but half don’t work. It is important to go through and check every item is useful and has its own place.


3. Have a firm paper processing system

Despite the switch to digital, there are still lots of papers in the office and this means a firm system is needed to handle it.  This starts from either it being printed or received in the post and should carry through to its safe disposal through paper shredding services to ensure the data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


4. Have a digital processing system too

Set up a system to handle digital communications and have all staff use it.  For example, incoming emails could be filed as ‘reply’, ‘waiting’ or ‘archive’ depending on how they are actioned.  And everyone should use the same labels and system.


5. Discourage sticky notes

Sticky notes have their place, but they are not a secure way to recall customer information or other important details.  So discourage their use and go with calendar reminders instead. And if staff need passwords but can’t remember them, look at password software to store them rather than a sticky note that anyone can find.


6. Get help with document destruction

Having bags of paper to be shredded lying around the office adds to the clutter and is also vulnerable to theft.  Work with a paper shredding service to have someone either collect the waste or even shred it on site. That way you don’t need to worry about data protection.


Finding the balance between comfortable and cluttered is a tricky one but there are clear benefits in trying.  And with clear desks, organised paperwork and clear systems in place, staff can be more efficient, and the business is better protected.

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