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What are the Benefits of a Shred on Site Service?


You can use our shred on site service to securely dispose of your expired and archived files, records and paperwork without the worry of it leaving your premises intact. Restore go the extra mile to deliver a 'green' service that means that any waste that can be recycled, will be safely shredded and recycled to be used again.

All of your confidential documents will be securely shredded on-site right in front of your eyes. Our range of mobile shredding services are fully compliant with BS EN15 713:2009 which includes our dedicated and trustworthy staff being vetting to BS7858 standards.


Regular shred on site services


Many businesses need to regularly dispose of their confidential waste once it reaches the end of it's useful life. This can often mean having to arrange for secure collection and transportation of documentation to an off-site destruction facility. The alternative is to book our on-site shredding service that can come out to you. We offer safe and secure destruction of confidential documents on your premises. This can give company owners great peace of mind knowing that there is zero risk of any data breaches happening.


The convenience of on-site shredding


Using our on-site shredding service couldn't be simpler. Restore will provide you with as many secure document containers as you need. Your staff will be able to dispose of unwanted confidential documents by simply dropping them into our lockable containers. All the hard work of disposing of sensitive material has been done for you. There is no need to worry about keeping your paperwork safely stored away at your premises, because our secure, lockable boxes do this for you.

Once you reach the stage where your documentation needs processing, our mobile shredding service will come out to you. Our secure shredding operatives are all vetted to the highest standards and are trusted employees. We carry out extensive background checks on our staff and they will carry our company identification so you know that they are genuine Restore staff. This is an extra layer of security that prevents any of your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

Our specially trained operatives will collect our secure bins from your premises and take them to our mobile shredding vehicle to be processed. At no time will your confidential paperwork be left unattended. The secure bins will remain locked right up until they are opened for the shredding process.


Certificate of Destruction


Once the thorough shredding process has been completed, you will be issued with a Certificate Of Destruction. You can use this certificate as proof of your company meeting with data protection act compliance requirements.

At this point you may be wondering what happens to all the shredded paper. Once the shredding process has been done, our mobile shredding vehicles will return back to our secure disposal premises. Each and every one of our vehicles have a tracking device fitted. This means that we will always know exactly where our vehicles are at all times. Once back at our secure disposal premises, your shredded waste will be baled up for recycling.


Booking your regular on-site shredding service


Many businesses will have a regular need for shredding services. We can come out to you as often as is necessary for you to keep on top of all your secure paperwork destruction. This means we could be seeing you on a weekly basis for larger companies, or monthly for firms that produce less confidential waste.

Booking our services on a regular basis is not only convenient, but it can put your mind at rest that you have put a secure process in place that handles your levels of confidential waste whilst reducing the risk of a data breach. It also helps you to comply with current data protection requirements for safe handling and storage of sensitive personal data.

To find out more about our secure on-site paper shredding solution, contact us today so that we can discuss your needs.