Generation Restoration: World Environment Day, 2024

“Our land is our future, and we must protect it.”

So says Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations’ Environment Programme (UNEP at, and it’s the underlying rationale behind the theme of this year’s World Environment Day: restoration.

Since 1973, UNEP has encouraged all generations, and now the younger generation, to invest themselves in the world about us. This year, the focus is on restoring the land, combatting desertification, and increasing drought resilience through a seven-point plan that offers guidance in:

  • Making agriculture sustainable
  • Saving the soil
  • Protecting the pollinators
  • Restoring freshwater ecosystems
  • Renewing coastal and marine areas
  • Bringing nature back to cities
  • Generating financing for restoration.

Be in no doubt: this is no restoration comedy. Drought, soil exhaustion and desertification are a serious business, especially for the estimated 3 billion humans – not to mention the billions of other animal co-inhabitants – who live in areas of the planet currently most affected. And with no focus, no change in habits, business and farming practices, these three destructive forces are rapidly affecting the rest of the Earth, too.

‘Restoration’ is at the heart of Restore

What has a professional data shredding business got to do with World Environment Day, or restoring land and water?

Well, firstly, we’d like to point out that restoration is at the heart of Restore. Or should that be, ‘Restore’ is at the heart of ‘restoration’?

Either way you look at it, our mantra of Re-use · Recycle · Re-purpose is at the core of sustainable business practices. Here’s how.

We are a major recycling company, and we promise to send none of our customers’ waste to landfill. In fact, we regard your waste positively – whether paper, plastics or textiles – as a resource. We know that recycling and re-using saves virgin resources, including water, energy, fuel, and land use (right on the nose for World Environment Day, then), and we map it out in your personalised environmental report each month, carefully documenting the responsible use of your shredded assets.

Globe being held in hands

Not only that, here at Restore Datashred, we’ve got our feet firmly planted on terra firma, and investing in our planet’s restoration is something we get fully behind. Indeed, we have been working as sustainably as possible for some years…

  • Our Group ESG strategy is, not entirely coincidentally, called ‘Restoring our World’ and part of our aim is to achieve Net Zero by 2035 across all the Restore business units, including Datashred.
  • PlanetMark™ membership means we are committed to and measured against achieving an at-least 5% reduction in carbon emissions, year on year, and we work with local and international communities to help plant trees, improve lives.
  • We are increasingly running electric vehicles as the technology evolves to make them viable for our large and varied fleet. We already run city-centre e-vans and forklift e-trucks in our warehouses.
  • We have invested in a bespoke management system to plan collections routing as efficiently as possible, so each route is low on fuel, low on energy, low on emissions.
  • We offset emissions through our partnership with Shell and, in 2023.
  • Around 40% of the nation’s recycling each year comes from the secure shredding industry so, together with you, we are an important cog in the nation’s machinery and efforts to produce more sustainably.
  • We were awarded Let’s Recycle’s Paper Recycling Business of the Year in 2020, and were a runner-up in 2024, so our own industry recognises how committed we are.

While it may only be a small step, it could be the right step to make a mark on your own business’ ESG strategy, to give one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer services team a call on 0333 060 0474 to chat through the options for starting to redress the balance and start your own restoration project. We look forward to talking to you!

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