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Document management for every industry sector

We have worked with many local councils, as well as government departments assisting with specific workflows like pension management; accounts; mailrooms and HR functions. This supports the ‘paper lite’ policy in place at local councils and enables remote and flexible working.

As healthcare faces increasing challenges, technology can provide real help in co-ordinating care. Years of working with healthcare organisations means Restore are specialists in medical scanning, archiving, indexing and retrieval. We have worked with many large and complex trusts to become one of the industry leaders in medical record scanning.

Restore works alongside many of the UK's leading insurers, improving claims forms processing through automation. Combined with our microfiche and microfilm scanning services we can digitalise all your information.

Restore can help you automate the data gathering process linked to Know Your Customers and Anti Money Laundering checks; as well as digitalising archive files making retrieval and compliance easier with a full audit trail.

Restore works with 90% of the UK’s top legal practices. We understand not only the pressures and complexities of the legal industry; the importance of meeting SRA standards, and compliance and regulations, but also freeing up key staff’s time.