Digitising Outbound Mail

Secure management

Compose, manage, print, and finish mail digitally, regardless of the location

Benefits of Digitising Outbound Mail

Managing inbound and outbound mail in your business can be a tricky task. Paper, emails and mobile messages can be difficult to keep on top of when every department has its own processes and ways of working – this is where a digital mailroom can come in. A digital mailroom is a system run by a third party like Restore Digital and eliminates the need for more staff and hours for printing, sorting, and sending your company's mail.

How we support you

Reduced costs

Eliminate the cost of packaging supplies, postal service costs and manual printing costs.

Greater control

Track your mail the entire way and eliminate the issue of lost or damaged mail. Your documents are electronically sent straight to Restore Digital for management.

Secure Digital Platform

We’ll handle all elements of the mail process, and you’ll be able to view your mail on a secure digital platform.

Consolidate your mail processes

Paper, emails and mobile messages can be difficult to keep on top of when every department has its own processes and ways of working. Bring it together with Restore Digital's services.

Hybrid Mailing system

With a hybrid mailing system like Restore’s outbound digital mailroom solution, you’re able to send your mail to another location where your documents can be printed, mailed or digitally sent via email or any requested online platform.

Increased productivity

Allow your staff to get on with important tasks rather than spending hours preparing mail for sending.

Multiple benefits

Increased customer satisfaction, improved response rates, higher accuracy and the ability to deliver relevant service anytime, anywhere.

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Outbound digital mailroom FAQs

An outbound digital mailroom is a service that automates the process of sending off your mail. The process involves using a digital system to create documents that are then sent electronically to a third party who handles the printing and postage of any mail they receive.

Digitising outbound mail can save your company a great deal of time and resources. You won’t need to spend money and time printing your own documents and sending them via post. An online system also means you can send mail from anywhere you work straight to Restore Digital for printing. This means staff can work from home when they need to.

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